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September 27, 2013

About to Pop in Plaid

Happy Friday! I figured I'd share one of my last looks that I had snapped pics of before going into labor! I had worn this Thursday (scroll down to see what I wore Friday), and went into labor at 4am Saturday morning! Sort of sad to see the bump go... maybe it's weird but I'm gonna miss it! Although now we have baby girl instead which makes up for it and then some. Hope you all have lovely weekends, and as always thanks so much for reading! 

JCPenney plaid top and jacket (similar top here and jacket for less than $20 here!), Gap striped tank (similar here), Old Navy maternity jeans (here), DSW ankle booties (here), two-toned tote bag (similar for less than $40 here), Relic watch (here)

A crappy selfie of the outfit I wore to work on Friday the day before going into labor! So weird but that day in lab I decided to make sure all of my things were in order, everyone knew where I was with experiments and where to find my specimens, etc. Maybe I subconsciously knew what was going down that weekend? Even Friday night N and I nixed our plans to go out, opting to order takeout and cuddle watching Netflix instead. Weird!


  1. YESS, honey,TWIRL..Fabulous!
    congrats again :)
    -your ardent fan

  2. Laura, your bump was soo big that it almost seems fake...haha
    Congrats once again with babygirl Oliva :D :D

  3. Great post <3

  4. I love this mixture. I've never thought to try and much plaid with stripes but you've done a really good job of allowing them to compliment one another. And I love those booties.

    Don't you love when your mind and body are in sync? ..when the mind and body know and prepare themselves accordingly.

  5. you have (er, had?...) the best maternity style!
    i'd rock this ensemble tomorrow and i'm no where near pregnant, lol.

  6. So adorable! If I'm ever pregnant someday, I will certainly be coming back to your blog for maternity style!


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