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August 26, 2013

Tan Booties

Time to start another week - so crazy that it's already the last week of August! The weeks are flying by and before we know it Ms. Olivia will be here! And, more exciting for everyone else I'm sure, fall will be here!! I've been daydreaming about walking around in a chic pair of ankle booties holding Liv in one arm and a caramel apple spice in the other (really dreaming, right?). Holding off on buying any new shoes until after the pregnancy though, waiting to see what my shoe size will end up being! But a girl can pick a few of her favorites in preparation, no?

Clockwise from top right: Rachel Comey Mars (here), Wanted Burnet (here), Dr. Scholl (here), Seychelles Won't Wait (here), DV by Dolce Vita Ilsa (here)

Which is your favorite? I don't know which one I'd pick; they're all so beautifully simple and in such a rich shade! The suede Dr. Scholl pair are especially appealing since they're available from Nyopoly, a new shopping website I'm excited to share with you all (and a sponsor of mine)! At Nyopoly you get exclusive access to pieces whose price you can negotiate. Your price is accepted or a counter-offer is presented in real time, and on top of it you earn up to 20% cash back on every purchase! For the next week, use the code "lacquer" for a $20 credit just for becoming a member - read more and sign up here!


  1. NEWBIEfan
    I la-la-LOVE the style of both Wanted Burnet and Dr. Scholl :) The texture of Dr. Scholl is very unique and appealing. Thank you so much for the $20 credit. I have never heard of this shopping website. Thank you so much Laura! You're the best! You are a pretty cool med student ;)

  2. Great picks!! I love these pretty two-toned ones!! :)
    xo Andrea
    Wonderful and Marvelous

  3. LOVE the Dolce Vita pair! I'm supposed to be on a strict no-unnecessary-shopping diet, but I think I'm gonna have to break that for these shoes!

  4. I'm not sure if you've answered this somewhere and I missed it, but what are you going to do about school this year? I can't imagine caring for a newborn and balancing school on top of that (and a fiance!) although you do seem to have extraordinary balancing capabilities lol!

  5. Fab choices and those wedges are perfect!! Trendy and comfortable ;)

  6. So many great picks, really love the DV ones!! Visiting from the Fab Favourites link-up:)


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