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August 27, 2013

Number Game

So I may be holding off on buying my tan ankle booties, but that doesn't mean I'm not pulling out all of my tan pieces from my closet as we transition out of summer. Scroll down below for some fun facts about this pregnancy in numbers!

Nollie sweater (similar here), Old Navy jeans (here), Franco Sarto bag via Marshalls (similar here), Michael Kors flats via Marshalls (similar here), Relic watch (here), Bracelets c/o INPINK (here and here)

37. Weeks pregnant I am as of today (full term baby!!)
21. Days until my due date (although at full term, she can come whenever she pleases!)
35. Pounds gained so far.
2-3. Times I wake up at night to pee. (TMI? nah)
7. Times I have to shake the girls back into place. I've been stingy about buying bigger bras. (now TMI? ok maybe)
1. Pair of pre-pregnancy shoes that still somehow fit. 
26. Pairs of shoes that might have to go to charity. Not including fall/winter shoes. 
4. Bagels I crave daily.
12. Minimum times per day I daydream about what she's going to look like.

It's been a fun 9 months.
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  1. You look so gorgeous full term! I hope you get to meet your little girl soon! and HAHA craving bagels four times a day happens ;)

  2. You look great! I can't believe you've gained 35 lbs...doesn't look like it at all!

  3. You make pregnancy look gorgeous, trendy and easy! lol. Love the fun facts.

  4. You look gorgeous! I'm so excited to see posts once she arrives :)
    Love the pregnancy #s at the end of the have such a great sense of humor ;)

  5. Seriously. We have the same due date! I'm 37 weeks today.
    Love the pregnancy outfits.

  6. You are just so damn cute! Umm bras are expensive...I'd hold out, too! Lol. and OMG, only 21 days left!!!!! She'll be here before you know it!

  7. Pass those shoes on over to IL, yo. :)

    You look GREAT! I was blubber at full-term.

  8. such a great Idea I will have to do this for my blog followers!! You look amazing!

  9. Buy nursing bras early! That's what I've done anyways because I was too cheap o buy bigger

  10. I love this post, and I love your look. I wish I glowed and looked as radiant as you do when I'm pregnant :)

    Kate @ A Journey in Style

  11. Great look! You have the cutest baby bump.

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx


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