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August 23, 2013

Happy Friday: Time to sleep!

Happy Friday! I must admit I'm still getting used to this Friday being the end of the week thing like normal people, on clinical rotations you're likely working the weekends, so Friday loses it's sanctity (and I shouldn't get too used to it, since moms work all weekend too). But it's Friday! Just one more work day to get through and all I'm thinking about is sleeping this weekend.

The lovely team over at Bump Nest sent me this pregnancy pillow not too long ago and I've been enjoying my sleep so much more. I'm not gonna lie, I was not going to buy one of these originally (who needs that? I'll just put some extra pillows where I need them! It would take up the whole bed! N and I can't cuddle!), but oh man once I hit around 8 months my sleep was really starting to get affected. You're supposed to sleep on your side, but somehow you feel like your belly is "hanging" too much, your knees touching together strains your hips, your back is aching, and you end up on your back in the middle of the night anyway. So here comes the Bump Nest to the rescue.

I've already found a million uses for it (ok maybe more like 6); I'm pretty sure the laptop tray is not a Bump Nest approved use but what the heck it's perfect for that too! Ladies I warn you though, your sleeping partner will try to steal this! You don't know how many times I've already caught N wrapped up in it. One of the little things I like about Bump Nest as a company is that the fabric remnants from every body pillow are made into baby beanies and are donated to charities (Stitches From The Heart and The Hope Venture) for newborns throughout the US, India and Africa. Have to respect that! Would love to hear what (if anything) you ladies use(d) to help you sleep during your pregnancy! Enjoy your Fridays!!


  1. This looks so comfy and I love the pattern. Do you know of any discounts, the price is still a little high for me. Thanks for sharing!

  2. Love when companies do what they can to give back, makes me like their products even more! :)

  3. I used a pillow in between my knees and a pillow under my belly. Pregnant sleep is so uncomfortable though

  4. i had one of those when i was preggers too and it was amazing. love yours more tho its soo cute love that chevron pattern! xO!


  5. Omg that looks so comfy! I want one and im not preggers!!! You are such a cute pregnant lady! Medical professionals blogging >>> Hi5


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