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July 1, 2013

Safari Style

It is absolutely to crazy to think that I am now in my 7th month, and third trimester of pregnancy!
Baby girl is growing so quickly (as am I) and I am so thankful that I still have all of my energy; this pregnancy experience has been a blast so far. We put together the crib this weekend which definitely made everything more real, and I was sent information about touring the hospital birthing center in the mail, which I literally LOL'd at. Um, no thank you, hospital, if only you knew how much time I spent in your "birthing center" delivering babies and participating in C-sections and sneaking away to the resident room for a snack. Hehehe. {You see, I'm delivering at the same hospital I work at. Awkward? Potentially. But it's all natural baby, and just another day of work for them.}

Marshalls sleeveless top (similar here), Old Navy Maternity pants (here, similar non-maternity version here), Zara heels (similar here), gold watch (similar here)

Today I'm joining up with these lovely ladies so you all can see some new faces and get a little bit of maternity style! Check out these glowing gals and their gorgeous bumps!
Lynzy from Sparkling Footsteps
Abbey from Along Abbey Road
Emily from The Freckled Fox
Tiffany from I Am Style-ish


  1. Super cute! You look great, Laura. Don't you LOVE the huge panel pants? I swore I wouldn't succumb to those, but man am I ever glad that I did in the end! I'm just approaching 8 months now :)

  2. So cute! Your outfit and your words, ha. I love the "it's all natural baby."

  3. Laura you're adorable! I hope I'm as stylish as you when I one day have kids.

  4. You all are so cute! I always believed women were most beautiful when they are expecting. Praying for deliveries for all of you.


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