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July 15, 2013

Black Mini

Happy Monday!!
I'm coming back from an amazing whirlwind of a weekend - my babyshower!! I will definitely post more on that this week, for now I'll just say baby girl and I were overwhelmed with love and N and I couldn't believe how amazingly generous everyone was!

Nollie sweater (similar here), Forever 21 skirt (similar here), Zara heels (here), Big Buddha bag (splurge here, steal here),
gold watch (splurge here, steal here)

It's also round three of our Maternity Styling Collaboration with a few styling mommas-to-be! Make sure to check out their looks below and stop by their blogs!!
The Freckled Fox || I Am Style-Ish || Along Abbey Road || Sparkling Footsteps


  1. OMG!! I haven't seen your blog in a while because I just had my baby ;)
    She's 10 weeks old now...and I have been clearly out of the loop and have missed your pregnancy.
    You look fabulous!
    I'm wishing you a great rest of your pregnancy!!

  2. So I saw your photo after I clicked on your blog, and thought to myself, "this girl is a beaut!"
    Then I saw this post and though, "and she's the cutest pregnant woman EVER!" haha
    Needless to say I love everything about you and your blog :)

    tiana of l'esthetique

  3. OMG that bump! Love it so much! You look radiant! :)

  4. *Gasps* OMG Laura your preggers!!! Where the heck have I been!! Congrats doll you look beyond gorg!!


  5. oh you look so sweet, pretty pics!

    if you want to win a FOSSIL sunglasses go to

  6. You look wonderfull!

    I love it..

  7. Seriously. You rock pregnant on another level. Oh lawd if I posted a pick of me at the beach the other day.....I'd probably lose 1/2 my followers immediately!! Love each and every outfit.

  8. Congratulations on having a baby! I've looked at your outfits and you have great style! OMG I can just imagine all the clothes your going to have picked for you baby, and they will no doubt be the best dressed!

  9. Great outfit! That is really cute =)

  10. You are so beautiful! I love the outfit and I love your bump!

  11. You are seriously beautiful, lady! The cutest bump I ever did see!

  12. Beautiful and cute outfit, I really like it so chic

  13. Oh my goodness, you look amazing! You are seriously one of the cutest pregnant ladies I've ever seen :) I'm glad your shower went so well!

  14. You are so darling!

    Thank you for linking up with Style Sessions!

    Lauren xx


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