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June 10, 2013

Birthday Weekend

This year my birthday actually fell on a weekend, and on top of that, a weekend both N and I had completely off! Saturday we enjoyed an amazing brunch in Cambridge and spent most of the surprisingly gorgeous day (rain was forecasted all day) roaming around Harvard Square. That night we got a little fancy and headed out for delicious tapas on Newbury St. Our waitress was amazing and the second she realized I was pregnant (it took her a while I guess?) she had the bartender make me a special non-alcoholic sangria - sooo good! Sunday was spent sleeping in... meaning waking up at 8am :) When you're in medicine you get used to very early mornings and "sleeping in" is usually waking up at 6... so this was a treat. {This is also why I giggle when people try to warn me that I'll never sleep in again after baby... nothing new for us!} And then it was time for looking at new apartments! Which was very exciting, we're crossing our fingers for a place we fell in love with! 
I hope you all had beautiful weekends as well.
Thanks so much for reading!


  1. love these pictures!!!! kisses

  2. That dress look amazing on you! I wouldn't look that good and I'm not even preggers, lol.
    Happy belated birthday and good luck with the apartment search!
    Your new follower at

  3. Seriously, you look positively amazing.

  4. Laura happy birthday!!! Quick question if you don't mind...what is the name of the tapas restaurant on Newbury st you went to? I'm moving to Boston for work in two weeks and ask looking for new places to die at for my birthday on the 24th!

  5. You're so beautiful Laura! & so positive. I absolutely love your blog. Happy belated!


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