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June 8, 2013

Birthday Time!

Today is my birthday, today I celebrate a short 25 years of existence. On a day to day basis it's nice to just "be" and "do," and not think about your accomplishments and where you are (at least for normal people, I guess there are those who enjoy thinking about their accomplishments a little too much).
But at a quarter of a century I think it's pretty cool to reflect on life so far.

I graduated high school, graduated college, traveled all around - through Europe and beyond, started Harvard Medical School, delivered babies, took out tumors, treated pneumonias... almost an M.D.
And now beginning the greatest adventure of them all - that of being a wife and a mother.

 Here's to 25 more. 


  1. Happy birthday! Here's to 25 more and beyond!

  2. You've accomplished so much in so little time, you're truly an inspiration Laura! keep up the amazing work and hope you have many more adventures. Happy birthday :)

  3. Aww! Congrats on all your accomplishments- Happy Birthday!

    Mo x

  4. Happy Birthday and Congrats !
    You have a blessed and amazing life.
    And I adore your blog : )

    Breakfast at Cindi’s

  5. Happy belated!!! GREAT accomplishments!! What a wonderful life thus far. Wishing you MANY more!! XO


  6. So much to celebrate!!! Happy Birthday Laura XO

  7. Laura!!! I would like to congratulate you on your Day!!! I wish you many years to come, so you can spent it with your beautiful family :D Happy birthday!!


  8. Happy 25th!!! I wish all of life great and unforgettable moments

  9. Happy belated! Good luck in all your future endeavors.


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