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May 9, 2013


Nothing better than having to google "pregnant club outfits." Horrible idea. 
Thankfully I went with a flowy top, skinny jeans and nude heels to celebrate the end of our third year of medical school.
Casual days are best enjoyed in boyfriend jeans. These ones from Asos are becoming a favorite. 
Right after trying to make this itty bitty bikini top work I decided it was time to buy a new bathing suit.
This clearly no longer works. But it was a gorgeous day.
My mom can't help herself.
I've only allowed her to buy grey since we don't want to know the sex of baby yet, but we will find out soon! 
We didn't like the idea of a big gender reveal in front of everyone, 
instead we opted for homemade cards that announce the sex - 
the doctor put the answer in a sealed envelope that's been sitting on our fireplace for a few weeks now!
The temptation to open it is now really there!!

Thanks so much for reading and all of your sweet comments! xx


  1. Laura, you are absolute beautiful and now you are just glowing. Congratulations on your baby bump, engagement and finishing your 3rd year of med school.

    Dayi's Sense of Style

  2. Congratulations on your baby and worry not, pregnant or not pregnant you look stunning !

  3. You look gorgeous! OMG I could not just let the paper sit there, I would have gave in a long time ago! haha..

  4. Laura,

    Can I just say how happy I am for you? You are at an amazing junction in life, a soon to be mother, wife, doctor. Haha I am so happy for all of your good fortune! To be honest, I only recently started following this blog and I was immediately enamored by all of the positivity that seemingly radiates from your posts. I wish the absolute best to you and your fiancé & look forward to seeing you finally become a doctor, wife, mother.

    Warmest Regards

  5. You look so gorgeous pregnant! That first foley top works so well!

    Thrift and Shout


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