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September 4, 2012

Labor Day Weekend

Happy Tuesday! Boy does that sound better than Happy Monday; nothing like a 3 day weekend and 4 day workweek - a lot more balanced don't you think? Here are a few photos from our quick trip to New Hampshire this weekend (and all taken with my iPhone because this smart girl remembered her DSLR but forgot to charge her battery)! 
 I hope you all had fabulous three day weekends and are ready to tackle this week! 
Thanks for reading!


  1. Ahh that seriously looks like THE perfect 3 day weekend. I had the whole 3 days off but the bf had to work all three days or else we would have been out doing similar adventures ourselves! ;)


  2. How picture perfect with your loved one!!!! You are both sooo cute together! BTW you resemble that girl from american idol.....cant think of her name???? In a good please dont take offense!!!!

    Follow each other????
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  3. looks like you had an awesome weekend. just stumbled upon your blog, it's great!

    fancy {no}pants

  4. This looks like the most perfect weekend and that photo of the wine is bee-yoo-tiful!!

  5. FUN! Looks so amazing :) :) :) And adorable photos as always :)

  6. Oh my goodness! Your outdoorsy outfit is adorable! I know that that's the point of this post, but you just look so cute and sporty and fit.

  7. This looks like a perfectly relaxing weekend. the view is gorgeous and you two are so cute!

  8. I spent my Labor Day in South Dakota. Its nice ... but I've been there before. But I've never been to New Hampshire! It looks nice!

  9. Looks the shots of you playing on the rocks. Such a cozy cute outfit you chose too :)

  10. Looks like a lovely time!


  11. Gorgeous photos! And your hair is so long!


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