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July 10, 2012

Summer Essentials

Happy Wednesday everyone! Don't worry, Work It Wednesdays aren't gone for good, I've just decided to make the link up monthly instead of weekly. So stay tuned next week for July's Work It Wednesday and who worked it best in June's last link up! Today I'm sharing a simple outfit packed with summer staples: a sundress, a straw hat, sandals, shades, and easy hair. If only these pictures had the real summer essential: outdoors and sunshine!
Dress, H&M
Hat, JCPenney
Bag, thrifted Dooney and Bourke ($4!)
Sandals, Faces


  1. Your figure is amazing. I can't even...

  2. Oooh I love your dress! Cute bag as well. I love finding thrifted things <3

  3. Patiently waiting for your workout routine :)

  4. girl, you are gorgggggeuos! love that dress :)

  5. Love this look! Definitely the epitome of a cute summer outfit! Comfy and chic!

  6. So adorable <3 I really like your bag by the way!

    Lea x

  7. what a cute outfit!! you look so good in a hat!

  8. Lol, I'm so with you on the need of sunshine! Luckily, the PNW has been kind this week.. but it will be gone all too soon.

    Adorable outfit! You rock that hat!


  9. This is ADORABLE. I just love this look. Well played!



  10. Very few people could pull that outfit off. You look fab!

  11. Adorable outfit! Love it all!

    Stopping by from the pleated poppy!

  12. How cute! Love the the side braid...just super cute!

  13. oh that is just too cute! love the look for super sunny days :)

  14. Hello Laura. I feel that your blog yes is about fasion, food fun, life etc...but you really should try to blog more about things that are less vain. You are a multicultural person with alot of academic success. There has been many debates about ethnics being genetically inferior. You and I are both opposite to that. You also attend a school where throughtout the years many of racists ran studies to justify there racism claiming that blacks or ethnics are inferior. You are the opposite and a wonderful example. Please talk more to the young people growing up, that are trying to find there way, but believe they are doomed to fail because of there genetic component, that they are the ones that decides their fate, not their genetics.

    1. Hi "anonymous," thanks for your comment, and sorry you feel my blog is about "vain" things, but it's my blog :) You have no idea what outreach work I do in my community and the dozens of messages I reply to from girls who aspire to go to medical school. So how about you make your own blog and spread your own message?


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