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April 6, 2012

Chambray and Stripes

Happy Friday everyone! Any fun plans for the weekend? I'm home and happy that I get to see family and of course my Max, who is proving to be a wonderful little study buddy/puppy! 
The weekend will still be spent studying, but being home makes it all a little more tolerable ;) 
Have you guys checked out this week's Work It Wednesday? Loving the looks so far, make sure you link up your own if you haven't yet, the link won't close until Monday! 
Tee, JCPenney
Shirt, Delia's
Jeans, H&M
Flats, Charlotte Russe
Bag, F21

P.S. One of you lovely ladies had the wonderful idea of me making a Q&A post where I answer your questions either in a post or maybe even a video. I think it's a great idea! So if you would like to ask a question feel free to send it to me in the contact tab or here as a comment, leaving it anonymous is ok! I'll start working on the answers and have a post for you soon!
Thanks so much for visiting; have beautiful weekends! ❤


  1. Seems like everybody is sporting Chambray today! Thanks for the inspiration my dear, I think I'll bust mine out today too. You look lovely as always!

    Natasha Fatah

  2. Casual and Cute outfit,thx for visiting my blog tried to link my image up did a little mistake with the thumbnail,will try again i guess you have to approve first, following your blog would love if you follow back:)

    1. Thanks so much! I just fixed it for you and it looks great! Following you now!

  3. You look super sexy! So effortlessly chic :) Adore this!!!!!


  4. chambray and stripes! my two favorite things of all time! so perfect!! and yay for q&a's. i'm doing one on my blog today too :)
    xo TJ

  5. Loving the denim on denim look! Cute!!!

    And thanks so much for the bday wishes :-)

  6. lovely this pics! i love your style, i follow your blog ;)
    i'll wait you on my blog, there's a new post
    i follow you, i like your blog.
    have you a nice evening <3

  7. very casual chic! love it

  8. I have questions!

    What are your exercise/eating habits like? Can you tell us what you typically eat for meals and snacks?

    What are your study habits like? Aka, what sorts of things do you do to be so on top of everything?! (And how does sleep fit into your schedule?)

    How did you meet your boyfriend?

    Haha, maybe this wasn't so anonymous after all... ;-)

    Which college did you go to?

  9. Oops, the college question should have been listed above. Silly me!

    1. I just went through almost all your blog posts (instead of doing readings! ugh!) and learned the answer to this question. Ha

  10. thanks for your nice comment! your blog is very nice! your outfits are so beautiful, you have a very unique style! I follow you!

  11. chambray has become one my new spring obsessions...I never realized how versatile it can be!

    as for my questions: what are your favorite stores to shop at regularly? and (assuming you like sushi) what's your favorite sushi roll?

  12. love this look, chambray and stripes, what's better?

  13. - I love the brick background.
    Nice mixing of patterns too ! :)


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