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February 12, 2012

Simple Sunday Morning

Top, thrifted
Pants, American Apparel
Boots, Charlotte Russe
Bag, H&M

I love Sunday mornings. Probably my favorite time of the week; something just so easy about them. I was going to name this post "Easy Like Sunday Morning" until I googled the song and learned it was about a breakup :(  I always loved that song! But anyway, I hope your weekends are going great and you enjoy your Sundays - I'm going to start studying for this renal exam we have tomorrow... the kidneys are such a mystery to me! Hopefully they'll make more sense by 9am tomorrow. 


  1. Never knew that song was about a breakup either. awww. I too love Sunday mornings, especially if I'm off all day!! Love your style by the way. Happy I found you! Enjoy your Sunday :)

  2. Sunday mornings are the best. That sweater looks so cozy! I hope you have a wonderful day!

  3. this look is so chill and classic really love those boots and good luck on your exam!

  4. iAgree Sundays perfect for Resting & Relaxing

  5. i love the casual look!!!

    check me out

  6. I really like the sweater...cozy cute!

  7. Great Luck on your exam tomorrow! Kidneys are def. one of the hardest parts of the body for me.

  8. sunday mornings are my absolute favorite as well! If I get up early enough, I love the stillness. my weekend outfit looks very similar to the one you're wearing.

  9. Love your boots :) Good luck tomorrow, hope you got some good relaxation in!


  10. Very nice sweater. I like how it looks comfy but still retains some shape! And good luck on the exam tomorrow! :)

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