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February 24, 2012

Denim on Denim

A simple, comfy all denim outfit I wore for class trying my best not to channel Britney and JT's infamous all denim outfit (here's a pic if you forgot how bad it was). I already know the two-tone flats are going to be one of my favorite pairs for spring! Anyway I'm so happy with the participation in our first Work It Wednesday (the link is still open if you want to submit your look), we will definitely be doing it again next Wednesday, so snap some pictures of your chic work-appropriate looks! The last two pictures just show how happy I am with the turnout... and that it's Friday ;) I hope you all have great weekends, and as always thanks so much for reading!
Top, Delia's
Jeans, thrifted
Flats, TJ Maxx
Bag, F21


  1. You look adorable! Love the denim on denim and those flats?! Super cute!

    Thank you so much for doing the office wear link up on Wednesday, I was so happy to participate... looking forward to more :)

    -Rachel :)

  2. This is so cute and fun. It looks great with the flats. I love denim on denim. :-)

  3. You did a lovely job with this trend! Light wash and dark wash together are definitely the key, and you rocked it!

  4. LOL at the Britney and justin photo! but you look great in yours! you picked the right colours so they work well together and I love your flats! I need a pair like that for the spring :)

  5. Hahah, the last two pictures are the cutest! I totally forgot about the britney/jt photo, #dying.
    Love the look, I too have tried this in a way that (I hope) does not look too canadian tuxedo...
    TGIF is right,
    Girl in the Poodle Shoes

  6. Looks so good on you!! I have tried and just cannot work the denim on denim myself :(

  7. me encantan las bailarinas!!

    besos guapa.

  8. I think you're the only person I "know" who could pull this off & look so amazing!

  9. Very chic! Love the ballet flats with this outfit.

  10. I always want to do this but think it's overkill. I never tried though so yay for the inspiration/push. Looks great on you so I may as well try!

  11. I recently bought a denim shirt and needed this kind of inspiration, and those shoes are cute

  12. I like the cut style of the top! It's cute. Love the last photo, you look very cute in it!

    -Josie, 8bitgrayscale
    Please check out my giveaway here!

  13. I like the idea of the Work-It Wednesday posts! I will definitely have to get snapping when I get home from work!

    And as for this post, you did a really good job combining denims. I've been a little afraid to try this but you really pulled it off! (unlike Britney, haha)

    Cup of Tea

  14. Simple can be chic too and you nailed it girlie! Look adorable!

  15. Uhhhh...totally jealous that you found a pair of thrifted jeans that fit so well!

  16. Oh girl I LOVE this denim-on-denim look of yours!!! The opposing shades really make it work, and those flats are perfect - I can imagine you will get a LOT of wear out of them :)
    Oh, and that JT & Brittney photo!!?? Whoa. Seriously, whoa.


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