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January 18, 2012

Eating Out: Tupelo

I'm not one to write restaurant reviews - I feel like I'm not qualified - but I do love taking pictures of food and sharing with you how delicious (or not so delicious) a meal was. Is that a restaurant review? Yeah probably. Today I just want to share a few pics from a meal a little restaurant in the Inman Square neighborhood of Cambridge that serves "comfort food with a southern drawl." I'm all about comfort food, and Tupelo has this down pat, even down to the mason jars for water. 


  1. As I'm reading this, I'm drinking my morning spinach smoothie. Let me say that I'm now starving and my green vegetable mush is no match for the delicious meal you just described!!

  2. You said southern and I was in. Then you said jalapeno mac and cheese?!!
    Awesome - been to Inman square once before and can't wait to try something else there.

  3. The food looks absolutely amazing. I want!

  4. They look yummy! But what a shame you couldn't enjoy your veggies! :(

  5. Your food look great. Your boyfriend food is what I would have liked to try.

  6. Food looks so good! /jalapeno mac n cheese sounds awesome!

  7. I love this spot! I was so inspired from drinking out of mason jars last time I went there that I picked some up for the house- makes cocktails so much more tasty!


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