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December 19, 2011

Secret Santa Gift Ideas

For those of you who like to live life on the edge, who downright enjoy the thrill of waiting until the last minute to do your holiday shopping, here you have it - the Secret Santa under $25 gift guide for procrastinating elves. I will raise my hand unashamedly and admit I have not started any of my Christmas shopping, but now that I'm on vacation it will get done!
These gifts run the gamut of ladies from your beauty lover to your liquor-loving friend and all the way to your quirky cousin.

(1) Have plants? Then you need this adorable watering can. I can't say anything else about it, it's an elephant watering can! ($12)

(2) This travel-friendly set includes cleanser, cream, lip balm, and even shaving cream in the cutest little packaging! ($18)

(3) Any lady would love this set of lip glosses. With a wide range of colors (my favorite is kitten), she'll get tons of use out of these! ($25)

(4) Who doesn't love candles? Anyone that likes pretty things will appreciate this beautiful gold candle; when they use the whole candle they can re-purpose it as a makeup brush holder! ($18)

(5) Four gorgeous polishes from Essie's Winter '11 Collection. No description needed! ($17)

(6) Do you die a little inside when you throw out a tube of toothpaste knowing darn well there's still some left in there? Ok maybe you don't, but your friend might! For any gadget loving friends, this tube-wringer is as cool as it gets. ($22)

(7) Nobody re-gifts alcohol. It's a time-tested fact. Captain Morgan Private Stock - smoothest rum around. ($24)

(8) This book of cocktails is perfect for any friend that likes hosting events. ($10)

(9) For your worry wart friend you can't help but love - a beautiful minimergency kit - complete with hairspray, dental floss, nail polish remover, deodorant, stain remover, double sided tape, safety pins, advil, earring backs... I could go on but I'll stop. ($15)

For more info on any of these items just click the number before the description! Happy Last Minute shopping!


  1. Love all the pieces on the list my favorite is the Tory Burch pieces

  2. Love your blog!!! Check mine there's also a GUCCI GIVEAWAY going on!!!

  3. I like the number 5, :D

  4. love the elephant! i collection those! there are all perfect for Secret Santa

    love from San Francisco,

  5. haha I love the tube-wringer idea. I could use one of those because I'm always squeezing and pushing for the last drop.

  6. awesome ideas for secret santa [which i still have to get. yikes] lol i'd love getting one of those she-emergency kits! so practical!

  7. omg I love that little elephant watering can! It's adorable :)

  8. the mini emergency kit is so cute!!

    besos guapa.

  9. loving this post. wish I saw it prior to Christmas but thinking about doing New Year gifts and these are great ideas. newest follower!!!

    check out my blog when you can


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