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December 3, 2011

Dear Santa

It's about that time! Poor Santa must be drowning in Christmas wish lists, but I just had to add my own. For any Santa Clauses out there, any item on this list would make this girl very happy ;)

(1) Lo and Sons O.G. bag. It stands for Overnight and Gym, but I like to think it really stands for Original Gangster. I'd definitely feel like a boss with this organizational miracle of bags.

(2) These gloves are not only gorgeous but you can use your touch-screen phones with them! Pretty and functional is always a winner.

(3) Ok, I don't really want this gold piggy bank, or do I? Every time I see it I'm in love, but talk about useless gifts.

(4) I'm sure you've noticed that most of my outfit pictures are in front of the brick wall in my dining room. Sadly most of the week I don't have a photographer :( So although this tripod isn't as good as my boyfriend, it'll make lonely pictures a lot easier.

(5) Philosophy's Purity and Hope in a Jar are my daily cleanser and face cream. Can never have enough.

(6) I've seen this gorgeous Stella and Dot necklace too many times in person and have walked away from it, only to dream of it later. 

(7) Time to step my picture game up. The Canon Rebel T2i - perfect entry-level DSLR. Need it.

(8) I've been wanting a Clarisonic for the longest, and the reviews I read are always great. I can't push myself to buy it, but it would be perfect as a Christmas present.

(9) If I got my dream camera, I would need to get this amazing SKF camera strap. Gorgeous! 

For details on any of these gifts just click the number before the description. What items are on your Christmas List? I might be able to help if a Marc Jacobs bracelet is on it ;) Last weekend to enter my giveaway, make sure you get your comments in!


  1. I got a clarisonic for my birthday. It is AMAZING. If you don't receive it for Christmas I would totally indulge in it, it's completely worth it :)


  2. Oh thanks for introducing that Lo and Sons O.G. bag. Love it :)

  3. I giggled so hard at original gangster - I love a gigantic bag and that one is CUTE.

  4. I want a Cannon Rebel soooo bad!!!
    I'm going on vacay through Christmas this year though so maybe next year.

  5. I need that camera too...and theres nothing useless about a golden piggie, lol ;)

  6. Great wish list i want the camera 2 please dear Santa lol loving your style x

  7. Useless? That gold piggy bank is adorable! I would love to find one of those under my Christmas tree! :)

  8. im also lusting after the clairsonic! it seems wonderful

  9. a clarisonic is on my list too! actually the clarisonic mia but I'll take either one ;)

    I have a glittery green piggy bank that makes my day everytime I put change in it...that gold one would look so cool on a desk!

  10. Oh the tripod will change your life! Sadly I have no one to take my pics for me on a regular basis so it comes in quite handy.

  11. I swear by 5 and 6. I cannot imagine life without my clarisonic brush.

  12. The Clarisonic is absolutely amazing. I want to make sweet, sweet love to mine.


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