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November 6, 2011

Romantic Fall

Now that November has arrived the gorgeous posts on Thanksgiving decor and table displays begin rolling in. I'm sure I'll add a post to that group soon, but I really wanted to share a romantic fall dinner fantasy with you. Imagine a cozy dinner for two, rich fall food (maybe apple walnut crisp for dessert), and romantic lighting. Keeping warm is a priority, so lots of cozy accessories (or even better - a fireplace) are key. What would you include in a romantic fall dinner for two?
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  1. Love these Fall inspiration pictures. Just beautiful.


  2. Dear Laura, you are so romantic and inspirational. we love the pictures and your thought about the romantic dinner. we would also include some lovelu cussions, like the one on the sofa.
    love p&c

  3. I love reading your posts, I find them so aspiring. Everytime I want to smile I know I can come here and you'll always have something positive posted. I definitely love this post. I am such a romantic, so you definitely sucked me in.

  4. fall is so beautiful!

  5. love the pictures!! fall is the best.
    love your blog I just started following!

  6. love these fall inspriations too! Love the apple candles

  7. Oooo they are all so pretty :-)

    Stopping by from FTLOB!

  8. Gorgeous!! I love the apple candles. WOW.



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