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November 3, 2011

Knit Addict

I see a trend in my posts lately, and I'm not ashamed. Since the temperatures have plummeted it seems my outfit posts have all been about cozy knits! Which is fine by me, but guess what? Tomorrow I promise you guys I'll wear a dress. Yup, that's right, a real dress! But today please try and put up with another outfit featuring a cozy sweater in my favorite neutral shades. A lot of you commented on this post about mixing black and brown - this color combo is actually one of my favorites even if it's frowned upon! How do you ladies feel about mixing the two?
Sweater, thrifted
Pants, Charlotte Russe
Coat and Boots, Macy's


  1. Hi Laura! LOVE those boots...super cute! So excited you found my's great to hear from a fellow Boston fashion blogger :)


  2. it looks so cosy and warm though! :)

  3. totally digging on those boots :)

  4. I'm feeling you on the cozy sweaters. It's been really cold here lately & cozy has been the only way to go!

  5. Huge huge fan of black and brown. I wear that combo a lot! :)

    Cup of Tea

  6. I love this! I'd totally wear it. And thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving a comment :) I'm sure you're going to make a VERY chic doctor! Loving your blog and I'm following now :)

  7. Love the outfit! Your sweater looks so cozy!!

  8. I used to be dead set against brown and black, but I think toffee brown and black look great together...just what you've done!

  9. cute ensemble

  10. Comfy and fashionable, I like :)

  11. I'm definitely down with mixing black & brown! I especially love to pair black with cognac.

  12. Laura I think mixing black and browns is totally okay if you do it right. And you nailed it here. They are all neutral colors.

  13. Thanks for linking up to thriftaholics weekly. I love your cute outfit, will be featuring it on my blog this week :)

  14. Aww so gorgeous. Love this!

    Aww I love this! So gorgeous!

    I think you'll like my blog.

    Want to follow each other?

    Xox Soph.

  15. such a perfect and cozy fall outfit <3!


    - teeney


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