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November 12, 2011

Enjoying Now...

A hot morning coffee with a touch of eggnogg! Probably my favorite easy swap to get into the holiday cheer is trading my regular creamer for delicious eggnogg; it makes a perfect cup of coffee! To make it easy I use eggnogg from the carton, but here's an awesome recipe from scratch, of course I'd leave out the alcohol for the morning cup ;)  I'm off to make my second cup!

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  1. i've never had egg nog...i hate eggs, so is it eggy-tasting?

  2. I can't comment on different homemade recipes, but the one from the carton isn't eggy at all! Trying it in coffee is a harmless way if you're scared to try it straight up ;)

  3. Lovely little collage of photos here! And what a great idea to swap cream for eggnog, I love coffee and I love eggnogg so I'm going to go put them together right now!
    And, I'm hosting my 1st giveway - it's affordable fashion with a cause - check it out! Also hosting Best Form of Flattery link-up tomorrow, would love to have your cute self join :)

  4. oh i love love love eggnog!! like addicted to eggnog. i am holding back from buying my first carton just yet because once it starts i will be drinking that stuff like it is water and then back to the store i go to buy more, ahh!

  5. its great getting into the holiday spirit, i'm counting down to christmas! :D


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