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September 8, 2011

Sun is Coming Out

If you're in the New England area you know it's been raining non-stop for the entire week, but now it seems like the sun may be coming out! Just in time for Boston's first Fashion's Night Out, too! So excited to roam Newbury St. tonight - it's completely shut down to traffic (besides the 80 luxury cars that will be parked there for display) - the first time Boston has done this in 15 years! Are any of you participating in the FNO events in your areas? 

P.S. I wore this super comfy outfit this weekend for the Armenian Fest! Can't wait for this weekend so many exciting things, I'll share soon!

Showing off my hair feathers I got at the fest.


  1. Adorable! I just bought a maxi & have no idea how to style it well for my body type...

  2. Thanks Kate! This maxi's a dress that I turned into a skirt by just folding the top part in! Try to play with the length and where the top of the skirt looks best - I played with mine right under my bust, at my hips, and finally settled in between!

  3. Gorgeous colors! Love the long maxi and think you are so genius to turn a dress into a skirt :)

  4. I know this seems really random but i was wondering how tall are you? I love your style and I'm in the process of stealing it right now.. lol... but i find that some styles work for smaller framed people than taller more athletic frames..

  5. Hi @lyricmii! I'm 5'4'' but I can get up to 5'8'' with a good pair of heels! Lol I hoped that helped :)


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