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September 27, 2011

Black and Polka Dotted

One of the greatest perks of being back home (Springfield) is the thrift stores. I have yet to find a good, cheap thrift store here in Boston, but back home it's heaven every time I walk in one. This top I got a while back (for a whopping $2.99) and I love pairing it with a simple black skirt (here I paired it with shorts). I'm thinking I'll make a post solely about some of my thrift store finds soon!

Top, thrifted
Skirt, Wet Seal
Pumps, Zigi Soho
Bag, Big Buddha
Bracelets, Alex and Ani


  1. You look great, love the shirt and the shoes!!


  2. Such a cute outfit! :) I love thrifting, you can find some really amazing stuff! xoxo eliza

  3. You look so gorgeous. And that top is amazing. I am telling you thrifting is waaaay better than shopping in the mall or at boutiques. And I live for the super cheap ones. xoxo

  4. love this outfit. and your hair is adorable!! love the upper bun!
    xo TJ

  5. I totally feel you on the lack of affordable thrift shops in a bigger city- many "thrift" shops have cropped up in Brooklyn, but the prices are not so thrify...I usually skip 'em. But I always see bloggers with amazing finds at amazing prices. Love the polka dots!

  6. way to make medicine look good, girl...

  7. Such a cute blouse. What a score! I can't wait to see your post dedicated to your thrift store finds :)

  8. beautiful blouse!

    Xo Ashleigh

  9. Nice outfit!

  10. love this look on you hun!
    btw, thanks for dropping by my blog.
    i followed you already hun..
    hope you can join my blog too ^^

  11. Love the skirt and the bangles! So glad I found your blog!

    I awarded you the Versatile Blogger award! Check out my latest post for more info!

  12. you're totally rocking the polka dots, lovely look doll.

    Liz Lizo

  13. Hey girl cute top.. hope you find some rad thrift stores! Can't wait see what you get :)


  14. Such a great blouse - polka dots are adorable!
    And that skirt looks fabulous!!


    visit me!

  15. Hi! I am a new follower I really love your outfit:) That top is super cute!

  16. again, just love your outfit!! and your smile is truly beautiful :) Kisses P&C xx

  17. Saw you at thriftoholics and I just love this outfit!!! I love the black on black, polka dots, and how you played with proportions. Lovely lovely!!

  18. Love the bag and the blouse. Mixing items of different textures and patterns in one color family can make a look so sophisticated! Beautiful.


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