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November 27, 2018

In My Consult Bag

Hello hello! Today I wanted to share a quick and fun post based on the crazy response I got last week when I shared my consult bag organizer over on my Instagram stories!

I'm on a new rotation now where I hold the dermatology consult pager - in many places this may be a more "chill" rotation, but in our hospitals dermatology gets consulted all the time, particularly for high level patients who are either in the neonatal ICU, pediatric ICU, medical ICU, or surgical and trauma ICUs. The days can be unpredictable, but on average I'd say we get 5-10 new consults daily on top of following up with our consult list! So it's usually very busy!

As the consult resident you're traveling around seeing all of these inpatients and you need to be prepared with all of the tools you may need, so our consult bag is pretty important! A well-thought-out consult bag can certainly save you time throughout the day! 

The bag I use is this one I found on Amazon. Initially I was drawn to it because it looked like the MZ Wallace bag I really wanted but couldn't convince myself to buy, and now I've had it for over 2 years and it's still my favorite work bag. 

What I love about it:
- 3 main compartments to keep everything separate ; I keep my consult stuff that I take out in patient rooms in the main middle compartment, then my personal stuff (gum, chapstick, wallet, etc) in the front pocket so it's not touching the MRSA stuff (I'm joking lol, but really, I like to keep that stuff separate), and then the back pocket for papers and occasionally my laptop.
- outside can be wiped clean with a disinfecting wipe, I can even toss the whole bag in the washing machine.
- there's an incredible long string/lanyard that I attach my keys to. I didn't realize how amazing this was, but it's one of the best things about the bag and saves me so much time as I'm coming home with all the girls trying to get my keys out (the struggle was real, but not anymore)!
- comes in tons of colors (and is even reversible so if you prefer patterns wear it with pride)!

What I don't love about it:
- while two of the pockets zipper shut, the middle pocket doesn't (it has a magnetic closure). I've worked around it, but sometimes I do want to close the entire bag. 
- the straps can sometimes slip on your shoulders (they are super soft and padded so it's great to carry a heavy load, but the material is slippery if that makes sense)? I've worked around it by making sure to cross the straps when I wear the bag and it's pretty much a non-issue.

My actual consult organizer is just a travel toiletry organizer I found on Amazon - I loved the size and number of the compartments and thought it would be perfect for organizing my goodies to do shave and punch biopsies, Tzanck preps, and more! It's been fantastic! And of course was a crazy deal, so I bought two (one for my consult bag and one for the bag the senior resident prepares for the incoming residents)! What questions do you guys have about consults (or how I organize my bag)?


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