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September 4, 2018

Keeping Home Smelling Fresh Without Aerosols

I LOVE a clean home, and part of that is not only having a space for everything, but also making sure our home smells fresh! I used to love candles and other room sprays, but as I’ve learned more about fragrances (heck, our workplace is “fragrance-free” we have so many patients with allergies and sensitivities) and aerosols, I’ve been on the hunt for a product that can keep my home smelling fresh but also felt safe and less-irritating for my family! We recently got a package of Febreze One fabric mists to try and we are officially converts (and if you don’t believe me, check out all of the reviews over on Amazon)!

I love that this has a light fresh scent (all 3 scents - bamboo, orchid, and mandarin - are lovely) but is never overpowering, and most importantly has no aerosols or dyes! And the girls love how easy it is to spray around the house with a unique nozzle and ultra-fine mist. As they get older I’m slowly easing them into more small chores around the house and they happily ask to “spray” the house after we’ve cleaned! It’s literally one of their favorite things and they have to decide who gets to spray which room!

While I love that everything is more natural, just as important to me and our busy/crazy/dirty family is that the product actually works - heck I can spray super all-natural water all around the house but that won’t help much with funky smells! I love that these Febreze ONE mists actually do the job and handle tough smells like my beloved husband’s running shoes, post-poopy-diaper-changing aroma, and after dinner lingering smells. Yay for products that work and are safer for our families! 

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Thanks so much Febreze for partnering with my family for this post - as always all opinions are completely my own - I never partner with brands who aren't willing to let me share my honest opinion! 


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