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December 20, 2017

Last Minute Santa


Aaaand I literally just ordered the girls' gifts last night. But thanks to Amazon Prime they'll be here by tomorrow! PS if you don't already have Prime, membership is on sale now, I highly recommend!! I've gotten a ton of DMs asking about what I'm getting the girls this Christmas, so I figured I'd make a quick post sharing! I'll start by saying Liv is at the age where she is obsessed with Shopkins and Hatchimals (what the actual hell lol); but she has a ton of shopkins so she's not getting any for Christmas, and my mom wanted to buy her the Hatchimal. I told her that was absolutely fine by me! It's so hard trying not to spoil kids - especially when you have a large family. When we lived closer to family and spent Christmas with them we actually would purposefully only buy 1 or 2 gifts for the girls, the rest came from family and they could open everything Christmas morning. While our family is still amazing and sends gifts, they usually aren't here in time to be opened Christmas morning, so this year we really felt the pressure to buy a few more purposeful gifts just so the girls could have a few presents to open from Santa Christmas morning. Sounds silly as I write it, but I'm sure most of you guys get it! 

Here's what I ordered and why:

Pink felt letter board - Liv is doing an incredible job having learned her alphabet and now trying to put words together - I think she'll love spelling words out on this board! I got one in grey too that Elli can unwrap, but it's a little advanced for her so I'm sure I'll be using this one more to help Liv put together things on hers!

Little Leaders: Bold Women in Black History - I've been a fan Vashti Harrison's illustrations for a while now, so you better believe I had to get my hands on this incredible book she just released! Livi has been obsessed with reading and I really want to nurture that as much as possible, so these short stories will be amazing to read to her and her sisters! They are gonna KNOW their history and that they are standing on the shoulders of giants!

Calico critters rabbit family, dollhouse, and car - Liv and Elli have both been into independent play and creating little stories with their toys - I think it's finally time I got them a dollhouse. My plan is to have Liv unwrap the house (and I'll put two rabbits in the house) and have Elli unwrap the car (the other two rabbits in there). With multiples I have to make sure everything seems "even!" 

Mini brooms. Times two. The feminist inside of me struggled with this one, I didn't really want to further engrain societal standards that women should be cleaning etc. etc. BUT, we went to a friend's house (actually one of Nathan's attendings) who had an incredible playroom full of every toy you could imagine, including a cleaning set with mop, broom, etc. And Liv and Elli fought over who played with the broom the entire night. They loved the damn broom. So they're getting brooms. If I had boys they'd get a broom too. 

Doll stroller. I bought Liv the denim version of this exact stroller 2 years ago for her second birthday, and the girls have used it down to the point of it having holes in it. And now they fight over who gets to push the baby in the stroller. So stroller upgrade x 2. I love the price of this one, it's really well made, and it folds flat when not in use. 

Wooden walker + wagon. Poor Ro seems like she got left out, but she didn't! It's just she has no idea, so I'm ok with only getting her one special thing, and she has ALL of the girls gently loved on toys, so it seems like she's getting "new" toys every week! But she is currently coasting on all of our furniture and we donated our previous walkers, so my Ro is getting a new ride! Looking forward to seeing her push this around and practice walking! It later can also be used as a wagon so I'm sure it will be loved for years to come. 

What did you guys get your littles this year? Would love to hear!


  1. Great ideas! Hoping maybe you'll do more of your skin care posts in the new year? :)

    1. Would love to! My goal is to do more youtube videos, and skin care would definitely get covered! We'll see how much time I get!!

  2. People sleep on Amazon Prime!!!! I also wrote a post about this because Christmas COMPLETELY snuck up on me, and was shocked at the cheap stocking stuffers I could find on Amazon that were prime-able. UNREAL. Happy Holidays Laura!!

  3. Love your gift ideas! I love amazon prime too! Idk what I would do without it! Random question unrelated to this post. How do you crease your shop guide images. I seem to be having trouble creating mine. Not sure if its my program or what. Thank you!

    1. I use pages (the Mac word processor) - it's super easy!!

    2. Thank you! That little leaders book is awesome too!

  4. Love your comment about the broom!! -hannah


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