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December 27, 2017

Bedroom for 3 under 3

Alright, Liv is 4. So technically can't call them 3 under 3 anymore, but a few months ago they were! On my IG stories today I posted a quick 15 second 360 degree view of the girls' shared bedroom and got a flood of questions about where everything is from so I thought it would be easier to do a quick post here!

Bunk bed (really a loft bed with twin mattress below on the floor) - we LOVE this bed, it's sturdy, adorable and low to the ground. And it was about $200. Comes in tons of finishes as well if white isn't your thing ;) We bought these mattresses and these waterproof mattress protectors - they've been incredible. 

Girls' sheet sets (pattern is called Khaki)

Wall lamps (I edited out the cords for the picture but these are plug in which I love and have an easy on/off switch) - they are from Ikea, I spray painted the bases gold. Unfortunately I don't see them online, but these are very similar.

Toddler chairs. Liv got hers for her 1st birthday and when Elli got old enough we had to add a second! Pretty soon we'll be buying another one (or buying the larger size for Liv and having the younger two use the ones we already have). 

Crib. We love this crib. It's minimalistic, can transition to a toddler bed if you wanted to, and comes in at just under $100. 

Rug - My exact style I think was discontinued (or just sold out everywhere) - it's called the Blonda in beige; but I love this one too - so whimsical for a kids room! And the best part is it's machine washable

Dresser/Changing table - it's really just a dresser (I spray painted the knobs gold), and I attached the changing pad using velcro strips! We've had it since Liv was born. 

Girls prints - check out this quick Instagram post where I explained how I made them! These were the type of frames. The other artwork is mostly from HomeGoods (or painted by Liv)!

I think that's most of what's in their room! One last special thing is the giant sock monkey Nathan won for me at a carnival (super special to us - the first thing Nathan bought when we found out we were pregnant with Liv was a little sock monkey). 


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