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December 15, 2017

Baking with the Girls

Thank you to the Martha Stewart Collection created for Macy’s for sponsoring this post and providing these products for us to step up our kitchen game! As with all of my sponsored posts, I only work with brands and products I would spend my own money on, and all thoughts are my own.

Happy Friday!! Today I’m coming in to share a few photos of the girls in the kitchen helping me make cookies! For one - I love these photos and I think I have to frame a couple! And secondly - I’ve figured out a few tricks to make baking a little easier (especially with little helpers - cough, cough - mess-makers)! All of the kitchenware we use is from the Martha Stewart Collection created for Macy’s

For starters - these Non-Skid Mixing Bowls with Measurements are game-changers. The kids can help mix our ingredients (they have multiple sizes too) - so in our house, one girl mixes the dry ingredients and the other mixes the wet ingredients, and the bowl doesn’t slip on the table thanks to the grip at the bottom. The measurements are also helpful for pouring dry ingredients. And speaking of pouring, the lip is perfect for pouring the wet ingredients! The hard part is prying the whisk out of their hands so that I can actually appropriately mix everything (particularly beating the butter and eggs lol)! It’s always easier to start the mixing yourself and then hand it over to them to finish off (then you won’t have a screaming toddler, not photographed here, but it certainly happened)!!

Another tool I love using in the kitchen is this Martha Stewart Collection cookie scoop! We have it in two sizes - small and large - and we repurpose the large for our ice cream scoops. But the small we LOVE using for cookies. Not only does it make sure all the cookies are the same size for even cooking - but more importantly for a house with kids - no fighting over who gets the bigger cookie! They’re all the same size! We forgot to do it this time - but it helps to flatten them a bit with your hand or the back of a spoon ;)

We scoop them out onto our nonstick baking tray (truly nonstick - no cookie residue left after) and pop in the oven (with light on of course so the girls can watch them bake)! We’re also learning our numbers now, so Liv loves counting the timer and figuring out how much time is left. When time is up, I pop them all onto our Nonstick Cooling Racks and the girls patiently let them cool off (and call dibs on who’s getting which cookie) - which thankfully doesn’t come down to size thanks to our ice cream scoop (but they still find something - today it was the number of observable chocolate chips lol)! 

What are some of your little tricks for making time in the kitchen easier? Especially if you have littles!

Included products, all from the Martha Stewart Collection:

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