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July 30, 2017

Huge Instagram Round Up!

Hi all! Doing a huge Instagram Round Up today with links for everything that you've seen on my feed recently! Hope you all are having an incredible weekend!

Blouse, wearing size XS  //  Watch  //  Gold Bracelet  // Leather Bracelet

Dress (which is technically a nightgown), wearing size XS  //  Sandals  //  Stroller  //  Car seat 

Dress  //  Hat  //  Girls' sandals  //  Car seat

Dress, wearing size XS  //  Sandals (SO comfortable and so cheap!)  //  Stroller

Top (similar light version and dark version)  //  Shorts, wearing size 0  //  Sandals  //  Handbag (similar here)  //  Watch  //  Phone case (less than $10!)

Blue dress, wearing a size XS (also available in other colors as well! Such a steal!)  //  Sandals

Earrings (nearly identical for less than $15, these are another gorgeous pair) //  Lashes

Pants, wearing size 0  //  Top, wearing size XS  //  Flats

Kids Chair  //  Bookshelf  //  Girls' round table (not pictured but you guys always ask about it! Also available in whitenavy and pink)


  1. Thanks alot for the links of your stuff. Loe how your carry yourself. You look beautiful. Will surely reccommed to all my friends as you style statement and clothes and adornments are one of a kind.

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