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May 28, 2017


This post was originally posted in May 2017, but updated in February 2018. 

Today I wanted to talk a bit about one of THE most important parts in your daily skin care - SUNSCREEN! And while most of us are good about putting on sunscreen before a day at the beach - it's important to remember that we should be wearing sunscreen everyday - not only for preventing skin cancers, but also premature aging and dyspigmentation (either dark or light spots). 

Check out the truck driver above- can you tell which side of his face got almost all of the sun and which was more protected from UV rays? It's not subtle! And especially if you're someone who suffers from dark spots (ie postinflammatory hyperpigmentation, or "scars" from old acne) or melasma - even a few minutes of sun exposure can keep those spots dark! So I tell all my patients, all my family, all my friends (that includes you) to wear sunscreen daily!

Here are a few favorites:
Make sure to click on the actual link since I just mention the brand name - and most brands have numerous products!!

You knew this was coming - this has been my favorite daily sunscreen for years. It's light. It doesn't break you out. It doesn't break the bank either.

Everyday/Acne-Prone/Higher end:
Most of my dermies love this one! I personally got a little irritated using it (my skin got a few new little bumps), but I also have super sensitive skin. So many dermatologists swear by this one though and I have tons of patients who love it too. Couldn't leave it off the list. 

Sensitive skin:

Tinted - Sheer coverage:
Just a tiny bit of color to even out skin and awesome protection!

Tinted - Medium-full coverage:
Avene Complexion Correcting (love that it comes in more than just one shade - light, medium, and dark). And the dark one actually matches darker skin. It's availab
This is pretty much the product I've been looking for forever and have been SO in love with it since trying it now almost a year ago. Now instead of applying my Cerave and then applying my mineral makeup on top, now I just apply this. I'm on my third tube of it. The medium matches me pretty well, but I'm annoying and wanted it to be perfect so I bought the dark too and add the tiniest drop of dark to my medium dollop and blend for my perfect shade. I love that it provides great coverage and a nice dewy finish. More importantly it's got titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, and iron oxides (which help also block visible light - another contributor to dark spots).

Baby/toddler (read more on baby sunscreen below):

Blue Lizard is my favorite natural line - I linked two of my favorites above!

For reapplying: 
*We know that we should be reapplying every 2 hours or so but that is so unrealistic. What I do like doing is applying something right before my commute home (the setting sun is glaring in my face all drive home) - and a brush-on sunscreen powder is PERFECT for just this!
This is another cheaper option!

A few other tips?
I personally prefer physical blockers (ingredients like zinc oxide) to chemical blockers, but both are great for their own reasons! Not everyone likes the white/grey cast the physical blockers can give off, but when paired with a tinted formulation, I've never found it to be a problem! If you are using one that has primarily chemical blockers, make sure to apply at least 15 minutes before heading out into the sun! So no putting on the sunscreen when you're already at the beach, do it before you get in the car on the way there!

Also, for those who are "allergic" to sunscreen (it is a thing) - it's almost always because of one of these 2 ingredients - oxybenzone and PABA (para-aminobenzoic acid). If you've had a reaction to sunscreen in the past, don't think it means you're allergic to all sunscreens - just check the labels for one of these ingredients and stay away from them! Physical blockers (zinc oxide and titanium doxide) are usually a safe bet!

The number of SPF correlates to how much it protects from the sun. But I'm not really a fan of SPF 100 or other crazy ones like that - not because they don't work, but because I think they alter risk-taking behavior. Most people don't reapply (and you should), so after a few hours SPF 30 and SPF 100 are the same thing - little to nothing. I wear an SPF50 daily (the Avene mentioned above), and if I'm going to spend time outside after having that on for a while I'll apply a powder sunscreen on top for my reapplication. 

Also remember that babies 6 months or younger shouldn't really wear sunscreen. Mostly because of the chemical ingredients discussed above. The safest bet is to just keep them out of direct sunlight and under the shade (we recently got a Cool Cabana for beach trips and we love it)! Of course, I put sunscreen on all of my girls well before 6 months - physical blockers always. If you feel like you have to use it, make sure to try a small area first (apply once in the same spot for 2 days in a row) to make sure they don't have any reaction to it (a safe idea to do with anyone really) and stick with physical blockers that I mentioned. Both baby/toddler sunscreens I linked above are physical blockers only.

And finally - don't forget to apply to areas like your ears (I've cut off way too many skin cancers from ears)! And lips (actinic cheilitis is not cute)! Not everyone wants to put sunscreen on your lips, but now there are tons of products with spf inside (I love this lip gloss and lip balm).

And for those who struggle with dark spots, I love this Concealer that not only helps camouflage those spots, but most importantly provides even more sun protection to help those marks fade.

PS - I linked up many of these options using Amazon since they just have pretty much everything, but Dermstore is another online shop I love using! For things that I KNOW I buy every month or two, I buy through them because they have such a great subscribe and save option for a lot of their products! They're having an awesome Friends and Family Sale and everything on the site is 20% off
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Shop some of the Dermstore links below:


  1. This is so helpful! I've been on the hunt for a new sunscreen for daily use and decided to order the EltaMD on your recommendation (and the glowing recommendations I see on various other sites). Thanks, Laura!

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  2. Do you have any suggestions for sweat proof. rub proof SPFs? I run and because I sweat like crazy (and also my nose always starts running) I always feel like I'm constantly rubbing my face. I do wear a hat and I use Neutrogena Sheer SPF 55 (really as a matter of habit.) I usually run outside 4-5x a week. Thanks!

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  4. Laura, is Avene Complexion Correcting available in drugstores? I don't live in the states and wonder if I can buy it over the counter?
    Thank you for the recommendations!

  5. one of the biggest factors in premature ageing is the exposure to sunlight. It is necessary to wear sunscreen when you go outside the house or even when inside.

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  8. Any thoughts about European and Japanese sunscreen formulations? I have done a lot of reading and it seems like there are some good ingredients that aren't available in the US. I just received a few that I ordered on Amazon and so far I'm impressed!

  9. I have oily combo skin and a lot of the sunscreens I have tried leave me oily/shiny and break out my acne prone skin. Do you have a matte recommendation for spf?

  10. Thank you so much for writing an article on such an important topic! That photo looks shocking! It seems that the sunscreen is not only protecting your skin from the sun an essential step in preventing acne and red post-acne scars, it’s also the only way to save your skin from signs of premature aging. You may get more information here as to the ways, which will help you not only to save, but even to increase your natural beauty :)

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