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April 17, 2017

Just Winging It

Happy Monday! I hope you all had a wonderful Easter weekend (if you celebrate) - Nathan and I were both off for the weekend and had a great time with the girls (despite our ED scare given Ro's high fever - all is good now)! But I had to laugh so many times over the weekend at how much we just make up on the fly. You should have seen me Saturday night remembering I actually had to fill the eggs with all the stuff I had bought, or Nathan going out on his motorcycle Sunday morning because we forgot to buy actual baskets for them to put their collected eggs in during the Easter egg hunt, or me telling them "the Easter Bunny only dropped off baskets for now, he'll come back soon to hide eggs!" Nathan took the girls for a run while I hid eggs lol. And I thought back to all the times during my childhood that that likely happened and I never even noticed.

And then I thought about the one photo you all would see posted on Instagram and think to yourselves "how do they do everything? how do they run such a smooth production and have everything perfect?" I was hoping to capture some of the imperfections in my caption I shared on our Easter photo, but I also wanted to address that today too.

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I always get asked how we do it all/balance it all/etc. and while I've written about it many times, I think people still think I have some secret. Now obviously there are a ton of strategies (I talk about almost everything in my E-course), but I think the only "secret" is that I'm not afraid of life, and I have a partner that makes me feel like I can take on anything. No matter what happens, even if we fail (which we won't because failing just means you're giving up), we've got each other. Are we nervous before taking another step? Sure! Are we making up most of it as we go along? Damn right! Most things we jump into without quite knowing how they'll work out. But we do know that they will. And it's that faith that has taken us this far. 

Because the truth is every day I really am pretty much just winging it - most days I don't know what we're having for dinner, most days I still don't feel like the best mom ("I shouldn't have raised my voice at Liv") or the best doctor ("I should be studying more") but I've learned that I'll always have those feelings and I've made peace with it. I do what I can with what I have and have the confidence that THAT IS ENOUGH. So it is. 

I'm not endorsing just being irresponsible and doing things without any planning - I make a million plans and always have multiple back-ups never quite knowing how things will work out, but the point is some of us think the plan has to be set in stone before we can even take the first step. And this is where many people get held up. The plan will never be set in stone and the time will never be just right. Sometimes you just have to trust that it will all work out and go for it. 

And on the more practical side - we've got some help now. Most of you know my mother in law lives with us, a true blessing, but even that was never planned. When we had Liv we used a small home daycare situation initially and then a nanny and daycare - we had no family that could help consistently with childcare. My mother in law maybe saw Liv three times in her life by the time she was one and a half. But then she had an injury at work and couldn't live where she was living, and it was a win-win situation to have her move in with us and help with the girls! You see life just has a way of working itself out, and those who know that aren't afraid to keep taking steps even if they're not sure where they may lead. 

So go ahead, take the step. You'll get there, wherever your there may be. 


  1. Needed to hear this so much! Appreciate your blog and experiences shared.


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