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March 2, 2017

Quick Home Post!

Happy Thursday all! I wanted to do a quick post on some of my home pieces as it seems to be a commonly asked about topic nowadays! Hoping to do a true home post with nice photos at some point before I head back to work but until then here's some info below!

I get asked all the time about all the white in our house, especially with 3 little ones (and a husband, and a dog, who probably contribute more to the mess than the girls lol)! Slipcovers! The entire couch - seats, pillows - and our corner chair have covers that can all be zipped off and thrown into the washer and dryer at home. Toss in a little oxiclean and everything stays white! Of course it's not always that way, right now everything is starting to get a bit dingy which means this weekend I'll be washing everything! 


  1. Thanks for sharing! Is the Ikea sofa comfy? Is it new or have you had it a while? Was looking at that exact one but a lot of folks stated it looses it's "comfiness" after a while. Any other else reading this please feel free to chime in if applicable. Thanks!

    p.s. slip covers are a great idea! And so glad you guys chose a bungalow over that condo :)

    1. It's so comfy! Our friends never want to leave when they come over! I actually thought the display couch at Ikea was even comfier than ours when we first got it, so I'm hoping it continues getting comfier with time (we've had it since about July of last year).

  2. Hi Laura,
    Thanks for the post. Question: did you post your exact couch or is the ikea one you posted just a similar one. Its looks a tad larger then the one you have?

    1. I have the exact couch I linked up - except that when I originally bought it, it was for a larger space - when we moved to our current place we thought it was a tiny bit too big so we just removed the corner piece! Hope that makes sense!

  3. I love your house!! Off topic, but I saw in a previous post that Nathan worked out last year before heading to the hospital? I'm a PGY-1 with 3 kids and I really want to start working out again. I feel like the AM is my only feasible time because my kiddos are asleep and I have no other responsibilities. How on the world did he manage to get enough sleep though? Love your blog!

  4. Any other else reading this please feel free to chime in if applicable. Thanks!


  5. Thanks for the helpful information you shared with us.


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