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March 17, 2017

Back to Work

Happy Friday! Checking in quickly during a busy week - I went back to work this Monday! 

Maternity leave during residency is a tricky thing (read my post on maternity leave in residency which describes how I made it work intern year - but everything is program and resident-dependent). For this leave we were able to work it out so that I could take 4 weeks - technically I could have done 6 weeks paid, but that would take all my sick time and vacation time. I think the most exhausting thing about the arrangement I set up during intern year was that I used all my vacation time for leave (and we all know being home with a newborn after just giving birth is no vacation, add in two other littles and it's a little crazy!) so there was no other "break" during the year. Taking the 4 weeks this time still allotted me two separate weeks of vacation which we used for our cruise in the fall, and will have another one coming up in April (N has off too)! And thankfully my hours even being back to work are much better than they were intern year, no in-house call or nights, etc. 

The transition hasn't been too bad - my co-residents have all been awesome and really supportive, and when I saw my program chair for the first time since coming back, his first words were "welcome home." And I love what I do, so hopping back into clinic and surgery was nice (although don't get me wrong, I would have preferred a full 3+ months at home and then come back to work just like any other new mama, this just isn't a real option for everyone - but I love this speech by Anne Hathaway, check out the article if you want a little extra reading today)!

On top of heading back to work I also had a presentation to give yesterday that's finally over (and went great - thanks so much for all of your good luck wishes)!! It was a last minute thing because someone else couldn't present so I agreed to, but it all worked out! But definitely added to the stress factor of coming back. Now that that's over I can finally get a little bit of my rare "free time" (basically when all the girls are finally asleep - I always feel guilty doing work if they're still awake!).

Anywho... I posted this pic on instagram yesterday and many of you had outfit questions so I'm linking everything up here! I'll be posting soon about everything I bring in my tote bag for work (can you believe it's only $40?!?) and pumping (although I did a huge pumping post here - I use the FREESTYLE pump for those who asked), etc. and hopefully working on a few other posts as well! Thanks for all your support guys!! 

White coat (I'd read the reviews on Medelita website, this coat is amazing, 3 of my co-residents have already ordered one after trying mine on!)  //  Sweater (from H&M but not online, this one is nearly identical, I like this one too)  //  Pants  //  Flats (one of my go-tos for work, they are so comfortable!)  //  Tote bag (Incredible. that's all I can say.)

In the scrubs picture I'm wearing my FIGS scrubs, white coat, and these sneakers.

Hope you all have a great weekend! And happy Match Day to all my fourth years!!!


  1. You are so inspiring! I've been following along for awhile, but have never commented. I just want to say, Way To Go - YOU ROCK! I have two daughters and recently started my own company. It is not easy. With both of mine, I was working for a start-up and never had any paid maternity leave and my husband was in graduate school for our first. You are awesome and such an inspiration to your girls and other mamas out there. Thanks for finding the time to blog and connect with your readers!

  2. I think it's crazy that moms in the US get so little leave. I'm a doctor in Ireland and would be entitled to 6 months paid leave in residency. Even dads get 2 weeks paid!

  3. What are you doing for your vacay in April? I hope it's something relaxing. You deserve it lady!

  4. Life can get so overwhelming at times; it’s all about how you manage your stuff. Glad to see that you are happy with your profession & Love your dress btw!

  5. HI Laura! I absolutely love your blog and have been following you for some time. I am currently a Heme/Onc fellow and just found out that I am 4 weeks pregnant! When do you think is a good time to tell my program? When did you tell yours? Thanks!! <3

  6. I wish all the bosses and companies would have behaved like yours with the preganent women. Then how easy it would have been for them to work in those days even.


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