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February 6, 2017

Baby Necessities - Third Times a Charm!

With the arrival of baby #3 getting closer and closer (my due date is in less than 2 weeks now!) one question I get a lot is what baby products I recommend for the first few months - and now that I've been through this a couple of times before I think I can definitely weigh in on the must haves! There are plenty of things you can pass on (wipe warmers and bottle sanitizers come to mind, but some people like them) - but there are others that really make life with a little one easier or serve multiple purposes. Here are 10 of my picks below!


*I love all kinds of baby wearing - so own not only an Ergo (ahem, 2 Ergos), but also many slings and wraps - read my review here for the pros/cons of each kinds of carrier!

**Elli also loved her Wubbanub and I know I got many questions about it whenever it was photo'd!

Hope you guys found this post helpful! It was brought to you in collaboration with Baby Cubby, who have an incredible selection of literally everything you could need for baby! They even make adorable gift sets and nursery bundles unlike any I've seen before that take the stress out of shopping if the choices are overwhelming. They do a great job of making everything feel less overwhelming - they have an awesome supportive social media presence (@thebabycubby) and even price match (even to companies like Amazon which tends to be my go-to) so you know you're getting the best price for an already carefully-curated selection (you can read more here)! 

They're offering my readers 15% off with code lauralacquer15 which is good through February 8th! 


  1. wow so awesome! i have to agree with teh nose frieda- it really saved the girls during cold seasons! xO!


  2. Thanks for sharing these! I'm expecting my first baby in July and definitely appreciate the list so much.. especially from an experienced mom... I'll be adding them to my baby registry =)

  3. love your blog,Laura!! I'm a first year med student and not quite ready for babies but I really enjoyed this post! Love your style and your content! Also had 2 random questions for you: 1. how do you take good notes in MDY1 despite lecturers moving way too fast?? 2. did you experience petty drama and cliques in MDY1 or is that just my program? lol! (also, not my drama, but I've definitely observed it from the side and it leaves a bad taste in my mouth. Can people grow up already?)

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  6. Thanks for the list! I'm sad I missed the discount, please bring it back. I'm shopping for baby #2 :)

  7. epic collage...what program did you use?

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