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January 8, 2017

Cozy in Blush

Happy Sunday! Sharing a super casual look for today! We're interviewing dermatology residency applicants this weekend, so this morning I was helping lead a tour of our medical campus! Had to be cozy (and actually warm, the temps were in the 50s)! So of course I went with my default slip ons and layered up this grey knotted sweater with a loose cardigan. Now off to the farmer's market! 

Top   //   Cardigan (on sale for $39!)  //   Jeans   //   Purse   //   Sneakers   //   Sunglasses


  1. Such a cozy outfit! If only it was 50 degrees in MN we would be beyond ecstatic but -1 would be fine at this point lol. I have a question: (I hope it's not weird) Do you keep your hospital shoes separate from your daily shoes for outings?


  2. You look so comfy! I wish it was 50 degrees in NE, but at least it's above 10 degrees.

  3. cutest litto bump! u look so comfy chic! xO!


  4. Love the outfit.. and the bump. I have truly fallen in love with all things blush and rose gold.

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