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December 21, 2016

Rice Krispie Christmas Trees!

Sharing a super easy recipe (no baking actually required) that Liv and I had a blast making! I got inspired by a random ad that I saw at Target and we put our own little spin on it! For the full recipe check out their site (we basically just used the recipe on the back of the rice krispies cereal box)!
Of course Liv had the most fun decorating the "trees!" And being sneaky trying to eat candy before using it as decorations lol! Hope some of you mamas can have fun with this one! 


  1. Funny enough, I got inspired by your snapchat, and made these for a holiday party we threw. I fell asleep before the decorating because it was 10:30 and I am an old 22 year old, but according to my friends it was a hit! Thanks for the idea!

  2. This looks like so much fun! I can't wait until my little guy is a little older and we can enjoy these things together! I posted this yesterday but I think it got lost in all the hate (oh my gosh, some people are just....) Would love your input/advice! I wanted to ask you - what sorts of things did you do in your everyday life to make the newborn stages of the baby run more smoothly? I'm also exclusively pumping now as I prepare work again in January. Secondly - did you have to stop pumping to get pregnant this time around? Or were you able to get pregnant while pumping? Just curious as we're also trying to have a second soon-ish so both kids can be close in age and grow up together.

  3. Reading your blogs is such an amazing experience. You influenced me to start a blog of my own. You are such an inspiration for women!

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