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November 27, 2016

Black Friday Beauty and More

Checking in with another Black Friday/weekend post! Wanted to share some of my beauty picks (basically my entire beauty routine lol) as well as a few fashion picks, and what I actually bought on Black Friday if you're curious!

Beauty Routine on Sale
A couple of months ago I completely changed my makeup routine (well, my favorite mineral makeup was discontinued when I went to stock up again), so it was time to try something new! I converted to Bare Minerals and won't be changing anytime soon!

Right now you can get 20% off your purchase of $100 or more on their site! SO worth it if you're gonna try out their products since they almost never go on sale!

My current makeup routine that leaves my face GLOWING is:
Their original foundation (I wear shade golden medium), stroke of light eye brightener (in luminous 2 - it's not full coverage for undereye, but I find it actually brightens my face more than a typical full coverage undereye concealer would), and bare minerals blush (in golden gate). I apply the foundation with the beautiful finish brush and blush with their blooming blush brush. Other important keys not to forget are eyebrows (I use this NYX pencil that's so much cheaper than the Anastasia pencil I used to use - AND is currently buy one get one half off!) and lashes (currently loving this mascara, but I'm always on the hunt for a better one! Or strongly considering eyelash extensions again since they were so easy)!

Of course makeup is only as good as the skin underneath it, and for that my current regimen (which I'm SO happy with) is Lush coal face as a cleanser (the best face wash EVER), tea tree water as a toner, my cerave SPF30 AM moisturizer in the morning, and Korres brightening facial at night (have fallen in love with this treat at night and what it's doing for my skin)! I've heard Lush products only go on sale the day after Christmas, no black friday sales there unfortunately. But the cleanser and tea tree water are also available on Amazon (at a steeper price), but I always mention that because I love that I can use Amazon gift cards there or credit I've built up - maybe you can do the same!

Fashion Picks 
I love love love this olive tunic - and it's on sale from $42 to $22!

I have to always mention when Hunter boots go on sale - especially when it's the classic black and other colors that tend not to ever go on sale - they're 25% off now!

This weekender bag has always caught my eye whenever I see it on social media, and right now it's only $49! If I weren't being good and trying to buy things I really need this would definitely be on its way to my house!

And coats. I'm not buying any darn coats in this weather, but if I were still up in Boston these two would be mine! This adorable tan peacoat is only $30, and this grey wrap coat is just everything, and 50% off with code CELEBRATE!

What I actually bought this Black Friday (all online):
This double jogging stroller. Now that we're in Miami N uses our jogging stroller SO much more than he did in Boston, and we know he'll continue to be able to use it all year. Both girls love going on runs with him but he always has to pick one to bring along! Now he can take them both (which will be huge for me too)! I've been staring at it for a while and a little hesitant especially because of the price, but at 20% off I had to go for it - it will be a Christmas present! For those curious he currently uses this single jogging stroller and loves it (it's also almost 40% off right now)! I didn't go with the double version of this one mostly because I liked the look of the other one a little more, loved the zippered storage at the bottom and the easy recline feature, and the total weight.

This copper cookware set - it was on sale from $179 to only $79! It's still on sale but only $40 off (but you can still also get an extra 20% off with code DEALSEEKER).

This little patio set (times 2). We're in dire need of furniture for our back patio, and while this likely won't be the permanent solution, I think these will definitely do for now since I don't plan on truly tackling that space for some time - with these we can actually start spending time out there though!

These maternity ankle pants and a few of these shirts - the deal was buy one get one 50% off; plus an extra 20% off with code THANKS!

Hope you guys are having wonderful weekends with the ones you love! 


  1. People should take benefits of Black Friday sale because it is a day when people can buy things with huge discount. Thanks for sharing this post.


  2. Have you tried Bare Minerals' new pressed powder foundation? I'm considering it because the loose powder is so messy!


  3. (Because you said you're looking for a mascara) Have you ever tried Too Faced Better Than Sex Mascara? I discovered it about two years ago and has been my go-to mascara since then because it gives you a false lash look without tearing your lashes off and smudging like crazy when you take it off. And it has collagen in the formula and over time I feel like my lashes have gotten a bit longer and stronger. Honestly, I'm just grateful that they didn't fall out over time the way they were when I would take off other falsies mascaras. Just thought I'd share if you wanted to give it a try since I regularly benefit from your tips/suggestions/product reviews too ;)

    1. I second this! I used Benefit They're Real for years but found the brush to be a little bit stiff/sharp. I switched to Too Faced and love it.

  4. Reading this a little late but since you say you're always on the hunt for new mascara, try Mally -

    It is pretty pricy but there's nothing like it & it tends to go on sale every now and then on the QVC website!

    P.S. I'm a Miami native and I'm glad you & your family are liking it better :-)


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