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September 14, 2016

The most comfortable/adorable/affordable flats

Alrighty y'all - I'm always getting questions about comfortable flats for the hospital and clinic - and I've done multiple posts on the matter! 

I can now officially say I have a favorite. I still love my crocs flats, and they really do provide the best cushion, but I've found that they're not great for doing serious walking - days that I'm all over the medical campus I still get the occasional blister! I will say, though, I wore my crocs all last year (intern year) and they were so comfortable being on your feet - but I really just walked from my car to the work room and then here and there in our small hospital. Seriously the crocs were still the best. Now though, my walking is from one hospital to another hospital a block down and then all over different floors of city-like hospitals - it's just really way more walking! So if you're doing walking like that, the crocs can end up rubbing the wrong way. 

The winner that's actually emerged are my little Payless ballet flats. And they're now on sale. And I selfishly bought 2 more pairs before publishing this post because I'd be really sad if my size sold out! (I got the quilted cream and leopard for any of you curious lol, one $30, the other $15, and then buy one get one 50% off and free shipping)! Their memory foam bed is super comfortable and the (fake) leather and elastic trim is so soft and flexible - they've literally never bothered my feet and in fact feel like slippers! There's no breaking in required. They've come out on top and are now my go-to shoe for still looking put together but also staying oh-so-comfortable all day! And they come in so many styles! Check out my picks above (there's style 1 and style 2, both almost identical) and do yourself a favor and buy a pair (or two or three). 

And a little hint - since I always search for coupon codes, I used the code ZZRTMN15 for another 15% off that worked! If that doesn't work try ZZBONUS for 10% off ;)


  1. I'm an internal medicine resident at a fairly large hospital and wear these literally almost every day. They are the best! Great recommendation!

  2. Ah! I absolutely LOVE the payless flats! I get so many compliments on mine and they last for a super long time! I also love that you can dress them up or down. They're absolutely perfect!

  3. I have the ones in coral! But I found they get dirty/scuffed easily. Any tips for cleaning them?

  4. Payless shoes seem to be the way to go, they are the only flats or sneakers that require no break in time!! Thanks for the recommendation

  5. Love that they have these in wide! As an elementary school teacher with wide feet, it's nearly impossible to find shoes that I can stand, walk, dance, and crawl in for 9+ hours a day. It's generally investing in Danskos or nothing. Crossing my fingers that these work, thanks for the tip!

  6. Random: I use to pronounce your site Laura Laa-ker (like the stuff used in wood working, etc). Then I heard how you pronounced it on YouTube...same principle but the actual pronunciation sounds way better of course!! Also if these shoes were a sponsored ad they need to double your commission because those flats are selling out quickly! Have a blessed day :)

  7. I HATE shopping. I can't fathom how it relieves some people's stress. It causes me stress. Finding your blog, which was a while back now, was gold for me because you opt for and gravitate toward neutrals. It's like you do the hard work for me (shopping), and I just come on here and click your links. All that aside because it's got nothing to do with the reason for my post, thank you for the great find for us (lol) regarding the quilted cream flats. I got really admiring compliments from 5 people in an office with fewer than 50 people. Not too bad… One thought they were Chanel. I said, "Yeah, Chanel by Payless!"


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