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September 23, 2016

Happy Weekend!

Happy weekend all! I'm on call this weekend and covering our inpatient service - which means I round on any consults who are in the hospital and then see any new consults throughout the weekend! It's a little crazy since I cover 3 hospitals but always makes for some incredible learning - my last weekend on call I saw a 3 day old baby in the NICU who likely had epidermolysis bullosa, a patient with a crazy urticarial drug eruption in the ED, a patient who I got called in the middle of the night about for a full-body "vasculitis" that ended up being a CRAZY case of scabies, and a couple of other not-so-exciting consults (dyshidrotic eczema seems to be a favorite consult as of late lol). I'm torn this weekend between hoping for a really quiet weekend (the entire house is recovering from a bad cold this week) but then also wanting some cool cases so we can help some patients!

A sneak into my biopsy bag! A lot (although definitely not all) of what we do in derm is based on skin biopsy - and there are many different types of biopsies we can take! PS - my nail polish (which I think is my new favorite) is OPI Tiramisu for Two

In the meantime wanted to share 5 fun links for your weekend and week ahead!

1) Apple pie cookies. Need I say more? This recipe looks SO easy and I know Liv (or any toddler... or grown adult... or just some being that needs to eat) would love putting them together!

2) We're planning a pretty big family trip soon (can't wait to share more details) and I've been eyeing a few good travel purchases. This gorgeous wrap just went on sale for 30% off and I might have to snag it! For nursing mamas it's the perfect cover up, and for everyone else it's the best to travel with on the plane and have something to cozy up with!

3) I shared this with my students earlier in the week, but I'm absolutely loving this desktop background by Pretty Darn Cute. I have it set as the wallpaper on my iPad and love how motivated and happy it makes me when I see it!

4) Baby Toms are just about the cutest thing ever. I found an old pair of Liv's red ones and immediately felt like I had to buy a pair for Elli and her chunky little legs! How adorable is baby Reese in hers? I'm thinking I'll pick up a fall shade like ash or navy.

5) This is the last weekend my E-course will be available and then enrollment will be closing again! I'll be hosting an hour long (or longer depending on how much fun we have) webinar next week for all enrolled students answering all of your questions in real time, you don't want to miss it!

Hope you all have wonderful weekends!


  1. Hey Laura I was wondering what should I do if I'm struggling in med school but I'm too embarrassed to ask for help? I feel like such an idiot. Did you ever struggle in med school?



      Med school is hard, and even if others may not talk about it, there are plenty of people asking for help (or getting the help without having to ask, it took me a while to realize that one). The hardest part of medical school is getting in - once you're in, your school should want you to succeed and they should do everything they can to help. But they won't know how to help if they don't know you need it.

  2. Can I join your webinar?

    1. Unfortunately the webinar will only be available to students enrolled in the E-course - so if you'd like to be a part we'd love to have you in the course!

  3. Love all of it! Have a great weekend on call.

  4. I'm not a nursing mamma, but I sure love that large wrap! :) I just recently found your website and I'm so amazed at how you do everything!!

  5. I hope it went well! Just finished my week of night shifts covering the whole of the medical wards. Exhausting, but learnt a lot as well. The Medic Mind


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