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August 28, 2016

At-home pampering

Happy Sunday! Today I'm sharing some of my favorite products for at-home pampering since many of you caught some of it on snapchat actually happening this weekend (both girls napped at the SAME TIME so I had some actual me time)! 

Face: I just tried this face mask two weeks ago and had to immediately buy more (and this was the best deal I could find)! I really felt like it left my face brighter with a bit more glow to it and the tightening effect was no joke (although certainly temporary). I felt like the morning after I could see the brightening effect even more. I always like to give a product at least a week or more before I make up my mind about it - especially because while I'm patient about the results promised - one thing that happens even sooner is the breakout my sensitive skin gets! Thankfully after using this twice in a row for two weeks no breakouts (so I gave myself the go-ahead to stock up lol)!

Eyes: If you guys have followed this blog for a while, you've seen these babies before. These are my favorite gel eye pads - I find them most helpful for de-puffing under eye bags and really helping smooth out any of that crinkly skin I can get. One thing I have found they haven't done (and I've been using them for years) is help much with the actual darkness under eyes - but they also don't make claims to! I find that with the great depuffing and smoothing they do, all I need is a bit of undereye concealer and I'm good to go (this one has been my favorite, but I've also been sort of itching to try something new, so I just bought the travel size of this one that has incredible reviews). 

Hands: One ritual that I've incorporated into my nighttime routine (and takes all of 10 seconds) is using my Stressless body oil (a perfect lavender mixture from my oh-so-missed Boston-based Organic Bath Co.) for a little hand and cuticle massage. I keep it right on my nightstand table (and the packaging itself is so beautiful that it adds to the relaxing vibe of the bedroom) and apply it when I get into bed - then take a few deep inhalations of the fantastic smell and call it a night. My hands have been so happy and I really have felt so much more relaxed heading to sleep! (Ps for those who have asked about my bed this is it - we haven't added the canopy yet. It's almost $200 cheaper here than it is on Amazon)!

Body: I'm obsessed with any and everything Lush. Like OBSESSED. Even Liv is already addicted to their bath bombs. And their massage bars? I have the Pearl massage bar just sitting out on my bathroom and the room always smells fantastic (and so do I when I put it on)! I could buy all of their products - I'm currently trying out a new mask of theirs as well as some other products and will check back soon about how I feel about them (thanks to my sensitive skin mentioned above lol)!

What are some of your favorite products for at home pampering?


  1. When I'm at work I end up using my hands alot and with that comes the need for constantly clean them. They tend to need a little massage after all that so I use a cream from the body shop that has green tea in it. Smells amazing and my hands feel amazing.

  2. Can't wait to try those face masks! Ordering some now :-)


  3. I can't wait to try this stressless body oil. I love this brand called Sabon that also has some luscious body gels!

  4. Can I still sign up for your e-course? I read that it ended yesterday but it's still open to enroll?

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