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July 29, 2016

Starting dermatology residency!

Checking in after another crazy week! Somehow I'm already doing surgeries with minimal supervision (pretty much just me and the patient and my strategically-set-up surgical tray) and feeling like some of this stuff is actually making sense (there are over 3,000 dermatologic diseases, most of which any other doctor would call a maculopapular rash, so there's a ton to learn!) but I'm loving it! And getting used to Miami has been another huge thing, probably the harder part of it all, but we're getting there! 
Just wanted to share some of the things that have been necessities for me getting through this first month of dermatology residency (other than a smile and positive thinking lol)!

Sleeveless dresses - I'm lucky I started on a rotation where I'm almost always in surgeries, so I get to wear scrubs almost all of the time, but there are still days where I have to get dressed for clinic or grand rounds or something like that, and sleeveless dresses have been the easiest go-to. Here are a few great options (A-line, fitted cotton, shift - this is actually the one I'm wearing in the group photo, shirtdress). Wearing these definitely keeps me from overheating in my white coat!

Comfortable flats - With the luck of wearing scrubs, I've also had the luck of wearing my sneakers or clogs whenever I please. But those don't work so well with dresses, so for those days I have my crocs flats. And now at least half of my co-residents do too because they look (and are) so damn comfortable yet still stylish. We're on our feet all day, so this really makes a difference.  PS if you want more I did a post just on shoes appropriate for the hospital - read more here!

Soft and breathable scrubs - While the hospital scrubs are always nice because they're free, I do love having my own collection of scrubs that fits well and most importantly are comfortable and breathable (seriously needed. We have mandatory lectures every lunch, so I have to run from surgery at my hospital across the street to another building in 95 degree weather and then run back afterwards for the afternoon patients)! You guys know I love my FIGS scrubs (and they love you, so you can always get a discount with code lauraxfigs). For reference I usually get an XS.

Sunscreen - duh. The dermies already put me on this one which is my new everyday holy grail.

Curly hair gel - I'm not fighting nature in this weather - the curls are almost always out, and thanks to this stuff they aren't too out of control (my usual moisturizing cream wasn't enough to fight this humidity)!

iPad mini - I mentioned it in my last post, but I've been using this primarily for all of my notes and studying! I even keep PDF copies of my textbooks on here! Read the last paragraph of that post for more on how I use it!

I appreciate you all hanging in with me and being patient as I get used to our new lives and try and figure everything out! Don't worry, the blog won't get left behind! xoxo


  1. I love following you on your journey. Dermatology is such a fascinating specialty, and look forward to reading more about your training and transition to Miami!

  2. It's good to hear you residency is going well! Moving is a huge deal so understandably you're still finding your feet. I've just started my foundation training programme (which is the first two years post med school) and I feel all over the place. The Medic Mind

  3. Glad to hear that every thing is going well for you in Miami and with the residency! Love following along on this adventure with you!

  4. There is a blog called 'theshbox' that I have followed for years. Her and her husband are both physicians. They relocated to Miami a couple of years ago. I think you would enjoy her blog!

  5. I absolutely love your blog!! It has inspired me so much and has even made me start my own (! I'm a college student looking to go to med school and I feel that you emulate all of my goals for the future! Keep it up!! :)


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