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May 27, 2016

Summer Shoes!

The weather has been so gorgeous these last couple of weeks - and although I've had very little time off - when I do get a day off I squeeze as much fun into it as possible. Which usually leads to tired feet! This past weekend we went to the zoo and spent all day walking around seeing the animals, and later came home and had a water gun fight, and then walked to a restaurant to have dinner outside! It was a fun-filled day, and thankfully I wore the right shoes! 

I don't know how many of you have ordered from Zappos before, but I've said it before and I'll say it again - their service is like no other! I love how fast they ship shoes (free 1-day shipping) and their actual selection of shoes! When they approached me to work together for a Crocs project I jumped at the chance! As you guys may remember, my Crocs Bistros were one of my favorite shoes for clinical clerkships (many prefer them to Danksos), but honestly they are not the nicest looking shoe. We all know what shoes we picture when we think of Crocs. 

Now Livi loves the "typical" Crocs look - and she saw these light up Mickey Mouse ones and had to have them. She jumps everywhere we go now! But for N and I, I wanted something a little different from the normal Croc look, and we were so pleased with all of the options! I got these adorable sandals photo'd above that were like walking on clouds while at the zoo! I love a shoe (especially sandal) that somehow is still incredibly supportive without being bulky!

 Liv thought the princess ones were adorable too, so for the price we said why not, and we get them one size up so hopefully she can use them for a while!

I snagged another pair of thong sandals - these go with everything and are so comfy! I wish they had infant sizes because we definitely wouldn't gotten a pair for my Elli-Belly (who's foot snuck in the picture above hahaha! I was taking the picture with her on my hip)!

N got some really nice boat shoes and a pair of casual sandals - he loves both of them!

PS - I mentioned these Rio Flats in a post waaayy back on practical shoes for the hospital. They are seriously AMAZING for days I don't want to be wearing scrubs and sneakers or clogs, but still have to be on my feet - they are THE most comfortable I own yet! Highly recommend!



  1. Laura, I absoloutely love you and your family. Thanks for sharing little snippets of your life with all of us. Liv's shoes are the cutest x

  2. These are adorable! Their flats truly are so comfortable! It's sad how people only consider them as a joke. They're actually really practical footwear. Especially in this weather.

  3. These shoes look super comfy! Since its crocs brand I am sure they are, but the plus is they are pretty too. A pair of black flats always comes in handy. At this point I am trying to invest in quality pieces that are multifunctional and these are perfect.

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