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March 4, 2016

Sales you don't want to miss!

Happy Friday y'all! Today is a special Friday during this rotation because it's my golden weekend! Meaning I actually have BOTH Saturday and Sunday off! When on inpatient medicine this doesn't happen very often (you guys with normal weekends better appreciate them lol)! Anyway, we're currently recuperating from Liv having a bad GI bug the last 2 days, so the weekend will likely be spent just hanging around here, but that's fine by me!

Today I just quickly wanted to share two big sales going on right now - the first is the shopbop sale that everyone is talking about and perfect for my fashionistas - the second (and honestly the one I'm more excited about) is the sale. Also - for those who asked on snapchat about the bouncer Elli is using it's this one! Even with the sale the bouncer is actually still cheaper on Amazon so that's where I linked up (that's where I purchased it years ago for Liv and Ms. Elli loves it)! Ok - to the sales! is having it's Great Big Baby Sale! 25% off so many major brands it's insane! Just use promo code GREATSALE16!

Seriously so many good brands are a part of this huge sale - some of my tried and true favorites we use for the girls include aden + anais (their burp cloths are some of the best, their swaddles are great too), Fisher Price (a baby classic, love their gear and really considering buying this play yard), Carter's (a good chunk of the girls' clothes is Carter's), OXO (absolutely love all of their food gear, especially once it's time to start introducing solids, two years later their stuff has still lasted all of our dishwashing and Liv's rough handling), Dr. Brown's (the bottles I use for Elli), and so so SO much more (like the diaper bag I'm always talking about). If you or anyone you know is pregnant or have a little one this is the sale to stock up on whatever you need or anticipate needing!

The Shopbop sale is also amazing, but really only translates to big savings if you're already planning on doing some big spending - the way it works is you save a certain percentage off depending on how much money you spend - spend $250+ Save 15%, spend $500+ Save 20%, spend $1000+ Save 25%. Honestly I could never spend that much (or maybe I could lol, but I wouldn't), but I know some of you might (especially with big money items like designer handbags, shoes, etc). If you've been eyeing some big purchases this is the time to make it - if you spent $1000 you'd get $250 off! This might sound super broke/cheap of me but one way to make use of sales like these is to buy together with a friend! A couple of years ago I actually did this with 2 friends - we all added everything we each wanted to the shopping cart to get the biggest discount! Just an idea, especially for my college girls! Make sure to use code BIGEVENT16.


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