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March 29, 2016

April Showers

Rounding up some of my favorite light-weight jackets and trenches for spring!

1. coral waterproof rain jacket - so many amazing reviews on this light weight jacket and SO many colors to choose from - I'm in love with this coral one, although the aqua is a close second!

2. long trench - looks amazing on, check out the model!

3. pink trench - seriously my color crush this season. 

4. military anorak - super versatile and goes with almost any outfit!

5. black jacket  - can't go wrong with a simple black jacket.

6. waterfall cardigan - technically a sweater, but the perfect extra layer for chillier days.


  1. I have #6 because I fell in love with the way it was styled on Pinterest - FYI for everyone: while inexpensive, it SMELLS and the pockets are fake :)

  2. Seriously perfect timing! I was thinking just this morning how I really need to order a light weight jacket for these in between months when you need something more than a sweater but lighter than a jacket. :) Thanks for the suggestions!

  3. Love reading your blog! Came across this article - was posted in a fb group I'm part of as a new mom and figured I'd pass it forward to you since you have your two little ones now! :)

  4. hi! I just wanted to know how do you make these collages? on iPhone or on PC?


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