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February 28, 2016

On Instagram Lately

Details:  coat (sooo soft and less than $25!)  // shirt (will be buying another as backup!) //  jeans  //  lace-up flats (my absolute favorite!!)  //  watch (my classic Daniel Wellington that seriously goes with everything! And is on sale from the original $200 to less than $100)!

Details:  shirt  //  jeans  //  shoes

Details: N shirt  //  Elli shirt  //  cardigan  //  pants

Details:  coat  //  shirt  //  leggings  //  shoes  //  Liv coat (unfortunately can't find it or anything similar anywhere! It was from Old Navy!)


  1. Your babies are so precious! I just ordered some new lace up flats in black! I'm really hoping I like them.

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  3. I love that striped tee! I was looking at them on Amazon and the sizing is so weird. Did you just follow their recommendation?

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