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February 5, 2016

Lately on Instagram...

Details:  Dress (exact here but no longer available, almost identical here for less than $20!)  //  Stethoscope  //  Nail polish (check your local drugstore, I found it for 99¢, with my method it lasts for 2 weeks!)  //  Reusable cup

Details:  Top  //  Jeans  //  Pumps

Details:  Nursing top  //  Watch (can't believe how cheap it is!)  //  Necklace

Details:  Bag (30% off right now!)  //  Stethoscope  //  Shirt  //  Leggings  //  Flats ($10!)  //  Watch

Details:  Scrub pants (15% off the site with code figsxlacquer)  //  Sneakers (on sale!)  //  Laptop  //  Bag  //  Breastpump


  1. Could you comment on how you manage to find the time to pump while at work?

    1. Honestly you just have to make time and not be afraid to ask - on my clinic days it's really easy (I just pump during lunch), when I'm on the hospital wards it's a bit trickier, but a lot of times it just comes down to communicating with the nurses and my resident that I need a quick uninterrupted 20 minutes! I make sure to take care of any possible situation before pumping and then I can usually have time!

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  5. You inspire me I'm in 5 years of medicine keep going Doctora !!


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