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January 24, 2016

Valentine's Day Inspiration

Somehow the end of January is already upon us - I only know because I went to the drugstore hoping to find discounted leftover holiday candy canes (I'm addicted to putting them in my coffee!) only to find a new aisle full of Valentine's Day goodies. How did that happen!? While I certainly won't be buying any life-size teddy bears (although this one is pretty awesome), I did get excited for something pretty and pink! Here's some inspiration! 

1. instant camera - love these instant cameras, and how fun would it be to take it on a date and get pictures together?

2. lip balm - the reviews on this lip butter are amazing, almost unreal, but I'm dying to try it! I'm thinking the Jasmine sounds the best! 

3. heart tumbler - you guys have probably seen me with my starbucks tumbler multiple times now - it's nice to save money brewing your own coffee at home and take on the go! This one would be the perfect new addition to switch it up a bit!

4. midi dress - this dress is HOT, but still covers enough to not look trashy, and it's $20. It comes in plenty of colors too! For those that like long sleeves, I'm loving this dress at a similar price too! 

5. clarisonic - one of those things that so many ladies swear by - I absolutely loved mine although it's sadly fallen out of rotation just due to lack of time! 

6. watch - this watch is gorgeous with just the tiniest pop of pink - and at such a great price (40% off of what it is at Nordstrom!)

7. water bottle - I love my gold S'well bottle - keeps my water cold all day and doesn't sweat at all! And fits nicely into a bag because of its slim design. The pink is so fun!

8. lace up ballet flats - these flats, in this shade of pink, oh my. I would never call pink a neutral, but this pink is totally a neutral and would be a nice way to change up the usual black/grey/tan!

9. nightshirt - I love this. I need this. Gonna buy this. That is all.

10. essie "fiji" - One of my favorite shades of pink - so pale pink it's almost white, but looks so much prettier. For reference see below. All the heart eyes. 

11. purse - This satchel is the perfect size, and made of vegan leather so it's priced really reasonably. It also comes in tons of colors!

I hope you guys have fun plans for Valentine's Day (which can totally mean ice cream and netflix on the couch, that actually sounds heavenly to me)!


  1. Cool list. Does the clarisonic feel harsh on skin?

    1. No you barely apply any pressure so it doesn't feel harsh at all!

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  2. Great stuff! How do you make the picture with all the products on it?

    1. I use Picasa (it's a free download just google it)!

  3. Laura... you're killing me! I've added 5 things from here onto my wishlist, and don't think I'll last the week without buying one. Eeeek.

  4. I love the Korres lip butter in wild rose! Highly recommend it :)

    1. So good to hear! Sounds like there are many fans of the stuff!!

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  6. i need to check out that nail polish its ballet slippers huh? love essie! xO!


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