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January 18, 2016

My 3 Favorite Accessories

I've always been sort of a minimalist when it comes to watches and jewelry (well, forgetting the big earring phase in high school lol). Today I thought I'd share my favorite pieces that you're most likely to find me wearing on any day of the week!

This is my go-to watch, and I love that the bands are interchangeable so that I can switch depending on what colors I'm wearing. I have the Ladies Classic Sheffield in Rose Gold (it's the 36mm) and swap out the bands with the brown Classic St. Mawes all of the time! I actually think I wear the brown more than the black, but now that it's winter (and most of my gear is black) I'm wearing the black more often.
**I recently found them at almost 50% off their normal price here!

These are pretty much like skin to me. I never take these earrings off. I sleep in them, shower in them, work out in them, I really don't ever bother taking them off. They are my absolute favorite and give the tiniest touch of class to feel put together even on my worst days. (PS - info on my glasses can be found here - I don't really count them as accessories since I absolutely need them lol! I'm wearing the Virgo Wayfarers).

This delicate rose gold necklace is my newest edition to my collection of favorites. I love that the short length allows it sit right at my collarbone so it's perfect to wear with scrubs or a higher cut shirt and still be seen (without hanging over my top). Because it's only gold-plated I definitely don't wear this one if there's a chance it could get wet, but we'll see how it stands the test of time. For the price though I could buy a new one every couple of months if I wanted to!
(PS - through Feb. 6th you can get 10% off using code alittlebitoflacquer)!

What are your favorite accessories? I'd love to hear!!


  1. Ive been trying to find an inexpensive dainty necklace forever! And the studs are such a good idea for me bc my babies will pull out any other earrings thats why I stopped wearing earrings altogether

  2. I totally agree when it comes to earrings! I'm a simple stud kind of girl, nothing too fussy or high maintenance! Love your glasses as well (: XX


  3. Do you think those Daniel Wellington's are real? Those are amazingly cheap!

    1. I'm honestly not sure, but Amazon usually does a good job of not allowing counterfeits to be sold through them. Based on the reviews they seem like good quality so I think they're the real deal!

  4. I always wear white gold studs in my ears, my wedding- and engagement rings and my AppleWatch (in white). Simple but nice :-)

  5. I have a question also - hope thats ok! :-)

    Whats your best tip when you have to study but feel unmotivated or uninspired?
    (Syr för my bad english, Im a blogger and psychology student from Sweden!

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