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November 13, 2015

Professional Bump

Happy Friday! Just sharing a quick work look I snapped on my phone before heading to the hospital! Love this Brass dress because it's sleeveless (but no spaghetti straps) so it's a perfect layering piece - our workroom in the hospital is always a sauna! But when I go to patient rooms I can easily toss on my white coat and feel comfortable. And when it's time to head outside I can toss on my coat and feel perfect! 

Outfit details:
Brass Column Dress, c/o (here)
Shein Coat, c/o (here - and on sale for just over $30!!)
Watch (here)
Shoes (here)
Glasses (here)

PS ladies - I've got a HUUUUUGGGGGEEEEE giveaway coming up. I'm talking hundreds and hundreds (likely thousands) of dollars worth of goodies. From Brass, Daniel Wellington, Solly Baby, just to name a few. You don't want to miss this! Make sure you're following on Instagram @LauraLacquer for when I announce it!


  1. This is just the cutest little outfit! So appropriate for work and yet you seem very comfortable and at ease. And the colors are gorgeous. I'm curious, what shoes did you wear with this? Could you wear boots too?

    1. Thank you! I'm wearing flats with this (if you click the link after "shoes" it'll pop up the ones I'm wearing, just couldn't fit the shoes in the pic)! But yes could totally wear boots with this as well! That was actually what I planned on wearing, but believe it or not my flats are pretty cushioned (vs my boots that have a small heel) so the flats are more comfortable!

  2. look fabulous. And three cheers for versatile pieces!

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  4. Awesome, I can't wait for the Giveaway!!!! And Of course you look gorgeous!!!

  5. You look great! Your bump is like perfectly round, its adorable!

  6. Have you bought any other items from sheinside? I've heard and looked at the website before and was always a bit skeptical and didn't buy anything from there, but they have really cute things! and the coat looks warm, cozy, and cute on you!

  7. You look amazing lady!! That looks awesome on you-- Brass can do no wrong! xox

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