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November 10, 2015

Perfect OTK boots on sale!

I'm thinking just a couple more outfit posts with the bump, we're just about hitting the 9 month mark so our days are numbered! 

Outfit details:
Plaid top (here)
Maternity jeans (here)
Coat (here)
Compression socks (here)
Watch (here)
Boots (here*)

These boots are my favorite and still working for me during pregnancy! See below for a few nonmaternity looks with them and a great deal on them right now!

These original boots are still on crazy sale on (and an extra 10% off with code EXTRA10), but only in very limited sizes. 

I just found that Aldo essentially released the exact same boot this season but with one slight update - a back tie that looks amazing! Otherwise they're the exact same boot in the exact same shade released by Aldo! They're available directly on Aldo's website but also on Amazon - and Amazon is having a huge 20% off Veteran's Day sale right now, so you get almost $50 off the price of the boots with code 20VETERANS!! 

Happy shopping ladies!


  1. I believe you're having a boy. Boys seem to make perfect belly bumps! Congratulations! :)

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