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November 3, 2015

Halloween and Apple Picking

Happy Monday Tuesday y'all! It's felt like forever since I posted but things have been incredibly busy and I feel like there's no time for blogging! I literally tried writing this post during "breaks" all day yesterday and eventually it was 10pm and I was leaving the hospital and pushing the post off until the next day. Looking forward to things slowing down a bit in a couple of weeks when I wrap up this wards (ie, general medicine) rotation. Today I just wanted to share a few pictures from our weekend!!

You guys might remember last year we all dressed up as the Incredibles in a fun DIY I put together, and this year we dressed up as monsters from Monster's Inc! It was a lot more rushed this year since I had no time to prepare (I literally was shopping the night before Halloween) but found some great pieces and it all sort of came together in the end! For actual halloween night Liv and I went trick-or-treating around Charles St. which was so much fun! The best part is that N was able to meet up with us when he wrapped up his long call at the hospital and end the night with us! This year really was special because Liv was really into it! Jumping around yelling "Happy Halloween!" at random passersby and shyly saying "trick-or-treat" to get her treats. It was awesome.  

The weekend prior we took Liv trick-or-treating at the zoo which she absolutely loved, and she ran around as a little superhero feeding goats :)

Also just had to throw in this pic that captures the real chaos lol!

Halloween outfit details:

Liv's supergirl costume (one piece, here)
Day of the dead skull tattoos (here)
Liv day of the dead dress (here)
DIY Incredibles costumes (instructions from last year here)

Monster's Inc costumes:
Sully (blanket found on clearance at Marshall's, purple spray paint, construction paper)
Boo (puffer vest on clearance, purple spray paint, old hood cutout, styrofoam balls, yarn, felt)
Mike Wazowski (workout tank on clearance, felt, construction paper, green socks)

Sunday we went to the apple orchard - it was a perfect day when all of the "apple picking" frenzy has mostly wrapped up so we had the whole farm almost to ourselves! Liv had a blast picking and eating all of the apples and seeing all of the farm animals!

Apple orchard outfit details:
Seraphine maternity/nursing sweater, c/o (here)
get a similar non-nursing version here or steal it for less than $20 here!
Old Navy maternity jeans (here)
Hunter Boots (here)
Buffalo Plaid Scarf (on sale here!)
Liv sweater (here)

It's been a long time since I had two days off in a row so we really soaked it up as much as we could! I hope those of you who always have 2 day weekends appreciate them!


  1. The costumes looked awesome! So creative! Thanks for sharing =)

  2. Awesome Laura! Where is this apple orchard?

  3. You guys look so cute! Cutest family ever!

  4. I love the photos, Laura! It's always nice to see how y'all make fun and lasting moments even when you're so busy. I seriously need to learn how to do that. Question: is that a Garmin watch that N is wearing in some of the photos? How does he like it? Does it also count the number of steps you take?

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